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Do you have a complaint against a fintech service? The Condusef tells you how to do it online

The fintech industrymade up of the companies that use technology or digital platforms (cloud computing, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, social networks) to provide financial services he has gained relevance in Mexico.

These institutions provide financial services to consumers and businesses in an innovative way and under new business models, services such as loans, microcredits, payments and transfers, wallets; online payment solutions for e-commerce, personal finance, equity financing and crowdfunding, etc.

However, this implies that you should be more careful with whom you hire. For this reason, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) guides you in case any of the contracted fintech services goes wrong.

Fintech complaints before Condusef

If you’re user of a fintech company, you can now file complaints with the Condusef virtually. The body launched a platform for users of these services to receive advice or process complaints.

To file a complaint, La Condusef requests to fill out a form that appears on the following web page:, where you can sign your complaint with your e-signature of Service tax administration (SAT) and upload your documentation files in PDF format.

Do I need an electronic signature to file a fintech complaint by the Fintech portal? YES. It is a requirement to enter the electronic complaint and throughout the conciliation process.

Personal information

On the platform will be displayed a personal data sectionwhich you must fill out for the registration of the complaint, such as Name, CURP, Email, telephone, type and personal identification number as well as address.

What kind of ITF data do I need to submit my electronic complaint? You must enter the Financial Sector: “Financial Technology Institutions”, indicate the name of the ITF, the product in question, type of contract or account number, cause, amount and report the facts and benefits.

Documents you must enter

-Official identification digitized on both sides and that matches the name that appears on the contract, statement of account.

-Account Statement or similar: It is the official document issued by the ITF where the movements, operations, consumption, etc. are reported. Which must contain your name to corroborate the contractual relationship with the ITF.

-Evidence Basis for the Claim. Documentaries, screenshots, images, electronic or digital files that evidence the reason for the complaint.

-In your case, the document that proves your personality in case of being a proxy.

The term or the word ‘Fintech’ covers not only Financial Technology Institutions (FTIs) that are regulated by law, but also refers in general to any technological innovation applied to the field of finance that may result in new schemes of emerging businesses or startups such as financial advisory applications, business management applications, rating agencies and financial product comparators, etc.


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