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Do this exercise for half an hour for 7 days, the hanging belly will start puffing in a week.

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Effective exercise to reduce belly fat. Effective exercises to reduce belly fat

1. Burpees

This workout strengthens your core as well as your chest, shoulders, lats, triceps and quads. Burpees will also get your heart rate up because they involve explosive plyometric action.

How to do

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and tilt your hips backward while bending your body down. Then, place your hands just outside your feet and jump backward until your chest touches the floor. Press your hands into the floor to form a flank position, then jump your feet out to just outside your hands. Keeping your weight on your heels, raise your arms up and jump in the air.

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2. Mountain Climber

It targets your core as well as many other muscles of the body. This workout puts pressure on the muscles around the stomach, which can help in burning fat.

How to do

Place your hands directly under your shoulders in a high-plank position. Maintain a tight core by drawing your navel toward your spine. Step your right leg up toward your chest, then return to flank. Then move your left knee towards your chest and return it to the starting position.

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3. Medicine Ball Burpees

It is recommended to add a medicine ball to improve the intensity of your burpees and increase your metabolism while strengthening your core muscles.

How to do

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a medicine ball with both hands. Lift the ball high, then slam it into the ground as hard as you can, bending over and keeping your butt back as you hit it. As you squat, bend your knees. Get back into a high plank stance, placing your hands on the ground outside your feet. Maintain a straight line with your body. Then, squat down with your legs extended to the outside of your palms. Standing and stretching your body, pick up the ball and press up.


4. Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slam

Hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps and shoulders are targeted in this exercise. The side-to-side ball slam has more oblique ab activity than the overhead slam.

How to do

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart and the medicine ball on one side of your body. Pick up the ball and rotate your body, hitting it a few inches away from your little toe. Rotate your feet to catch the ball on a bounce and bend your back knee as you move into a split squat stance. Keep your core tight as you bring the ball up and to the side.

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