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Djokovic: “My son encouraged Nadal in Australia and my wife Medvedev”

Novak Djokovic broke his silence yesterday. The Serbian tennis player was interviewed on the BBC and even today headlines continue to emerge from an interview from which several excerpts continue to arrive. The last one is quite curious since it shows how the family of the current number 1 in the world lived that Rafa Nadal surpassed Djokovic in Australia winning the grand final against Russian Daniil Medvedev.

“My wife was cheering for Medvedev, my son was cheering for Nadal and every point Rafa made, Stefan jumped.. It was difficult for me to watch the game. I was very neutral, I didn’t encourage anyone because I really wanted to be there. But I had fun,” Novak said in the interview.

The world number 1 who apparently has no problem with one of his sons, Stefan, being a huge fan of Nadal. “When is the next tournament you are going to play with him?’.

Beyond this, although it is hard to believe that Novak’s winning spirit did not prefer Medvedev to win to avoid Rafa Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam, the Serbian tennis player confirmed in this interview that if they continue to force him to be vaccinated to have to play tournaments, he will stay in his line despite the fact that this leaves him behind in the fight to be the player with the most Grand Slams in history.

for now, Novak will not be able to play in the Indian Wells Masters 1000 since the Californian tournament requires a complete vaccination schedule.

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