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Disaster in the Youth League draw: UEFA is wrong with the balls again

On December 13, 2021, something unprecedented happened in the history of football when the draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League. Chosen by UEFA, the person in charge of putting the balls in their corresponding hemisphere “He was wrong” putting Liverpool on potential rivals Atletico Madridinstead of Manchester United. Former Russian soccer player Andréi Arshavin, delegated to open the balls, was in for a big surprise when he brought up the name of Liverpool, with whom Simeone’s men had already faced each other in the group stage.

UEFA claimed that it was caused by a “computer error”, so the draw was declared null and had to be repeated. Well, on Monday afternoon the UEFA has again made a fudge with the draw of the Youth League, the European youth competition that brings together the best clubs of training age. And, paradoxically, the affected teams are the same.

The rules of the draw are clear: teams that come from the same group of the previous phase cannot cross. Thus, the first ball drawn was that of Liverpool, who could be paired with up to seven clubs, the only one that could not leave was Atlético de Madrid, with whom they shared the group stage.

Well, the ball taken by the UEFA personalities was precisely the ball that contained Atlético de Madrid, the only one that due to the conditions of the draw should be disabled but with which no distinction was made when extracting the ball. The innocent hand chosen by the organization was that of Maxwell, ex Barça, Inter or PSG, who was left with the same face of astonishment as the Russian international two months ago.

The presenter explained that this crossing was not possible and another ball was drawn as Liverpool’s rival. Fortunately or unfortunately, the next was the peoplerival that will face the English team in the round of 16 of the European youth tournament.

The draw continued as normal and when it was Atlético de Madrid’s turn, chance revealed that the club that will face the rojiblancos will be Real Madrid, so there will be a Madrid derby in the next round. Luckily, it did not have to be repeated and the procedure ended without further surprises.

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