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Digital transformation of small industries is necessary to become a 5 trillion economy: Dilip Sahni –

Chandigarh, September 18 (Trinew)

The manufacturing sector of the country will have to be developed on the lines of China. At present, exports from India’s pharma, auto, consumer packaging, chemical, tire or machine builders sectors are increasing. In the eighth edition (survey) of the Global State of Smart Manufacturing, among 13 countries, Indian manufacturers have shown the most interest in terms of lower expenses and better production in the field of production. China was also included in this survey. Speaking at the Smart Manufacturing FMCG Summit 2023 of Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, the company’s MD Dilip Sawhney said that 35 percent of the spend will be on digital transformation to make manufacturing in the country more productive and efficient. being done.

In a special conversation after the conference organized in Chandigarh, Sahni said that to take forward the dream of Government of India of Rs 5 trillion economy, it is necessary to take small and medium industries along equally. It is important to advise them that the production should not be prepared according to their own machinery but according to the market demand. According to him, the need of the hour is to reduce the cost of production and use it quickly. He said that there is no lack of industries in India but there is a need for right advice at the right time. He said that now the business model has changed. China has brought a revolution in the field of production by following this path. Such changes are needed in India also. Now there is no longer a network between producer and consumer like before, but it is the era of e-commerce. MD of the company, Dilip Sahni, who is working on how to improve industries, how to reduce expenses, what is the market demand, said that in such a situation, there is a need for digital solutions rather than traditional solutions.

Referring to Rockwell Automation’s 8th annual “State of Smart Manufacturing Report,” Sawhney said India has the highest number of manufacturing organizations investing in the technology. The study surveyed more than 1,350 manufacturers in 13 major manufacturing countries, including India, China, Germany, Japan, the US and the UK. Its report found that digital transformation is being adopted to make manufacturing more productive and efficient, especially in India. Manufacturers in India are investing 35% of their operating budget in technology investments, which is much higher than globally.

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