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Didi Romero: “I still can’t believe the amount of things I’m doing”

The actress Didi Romero He lives a dream from which he would not want to wake up after having an agenda full of acting projects in the United States and Puerto Rico, for which he does not stop smiling when representing his country with his talent.

The daughter of the singer and presenter Eddie Romero is planting a flag in each place that participates, by standing out in Broadway musical theater, in movies and on the Disney platform by starring in the first Puerto Rican series to be broadcast on Disney+.

This seems to be the year of the too influencer 23, who settled in the United States at the beginning of 2022 to dedicate himself for 57 weeks to the tour of the award-winning musical “six” that runs through multiple cities in the United States.

The actress is part of the main cast of the Broadway musical, written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. Romero plays “Katherine Howard.”

The comedy features the six wives of King Henry VIII of England who come together in a concert to sing and tell their love story with His Majesty. The tour includes several states and Romero describes the experience as a great acting opportunity, since he can demonstrate his three great passions: acting, dancing and singing on the same stage.

“I have always been raised with a lot of discipline and with a lot of humility. To be honest, I still can’t believe the amount of things I’m doing and all the opportunities that have come my way. I really don’t believe them. I don’t know if this will be my year as you mention. I feel like I have a dream and I am living that dream. I hope that this year is full of many blessings and that I can continue doing what I love so much”said the actress in a telephone interview from Chicago.

Regarding her experience on the stages of the renowned musical, she explained that the public’s reception has been wonderful and that she appreciates the fact that “there are no comparisons between the actresses.”

“As a woman we are very used to seeing how people compare us and compete with us women. In this case she never felt that way. From the first day of rehearsal she was super cool and cool. Everyone was super different. It’s a very positive vibe that no one compared to anyone. Thank God I am very grateful to be part of such a cool cast, ”Romero explained that she is the only Latina within the cast who was born and raised in a Latin American country.

From the project, she treasures the opportunity to do musical theater, since it allows her to combine acting and singing. To his surprise, the audience usually goes to see the musical dressed as the cast with which he identifies. The tour in Chicago will be until June 3, then it goes to Washington and then to Orlando.

“The audience goes crazy with us. I didn’t know about the rise of this show. They dress up as the favorite queen to come see you. I am very excited to go to Orlando. That is my favorite spot for Puerto Ricans, ”she assured.

On Disney+ and movie theaters

The other project that Romero is excited about is the premiere of Disney’s “Gina Yei” series, which features other Puerto Rican actors. The actress did not advance the release date, but she stated that “Puerto Rico is going to have the pleasure of being able to see such a cool, beautiful and incredibly talented series.”

“This project is something that people are not going to wait for. It’s a very refreshing thing. I am very happy”, said Romero, about the production in which the actors José Brocco, Alfonsina Molinari and Wanda Sais, among others, worked.

She is just as grateful for the work she did on the Puerto Rican film “mix tape” which will be shown in June in movie theaters around the country. The actress stars alongside the actor for Felipe Albors in the feature film by filmmaker Benji López (“My summer with Amanda”).

The film, completely in English, tells the story of “Sammy”, a talented musical prodigy who enters a new music school and immediately falls victim to bullying from Jonathan (Adán Allende) when he realizes that “Karla” (Romero) and “Sammy” become good friends.

From her character, she announced that she is the popular girl at school from the perspective of good and positive actions.

For now, the actress will not be able to travel to the island for the premiere of the feature film “Mixtape” but hopes to set aside a date to visit the island.

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