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Didi Romero debuts as a theater director and writer

In her desire to create and diversify her multiple talents, the actress, singer and influencer, Didi Romero makes her debut as a theater director and writer with the comic piece “For the love of the gods.”

For her theatrical debut, the charismatic Puerto Rican actress will arrive on November 3 at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan, accompanied by the actors and actresses Kiko Blade, Sebastián Vázquez, Ámbar Bonilla, Antonio Hernández and Yaiza Figueroa.

Sitting in a wine-colored seat on the Tapia stage and with the rest of the seats in the venue behind her, the actress confessed that it is difficult for her to believe that she is going to make her debut as a director with a work that she wrote when she was 18 years old and that she presented at La Beckett in Río Piedras with the blessing of the late director and actor Albert Rodriguez, friend of her and her family.

After reviewing the text again this year, he took on the task of rewriting it and fearlessly launching it into a large theater. Romero is very good at challenges and he takes them on without giving it much thought. Just remember that he spent a year performing eight weekly performances of the Broadway production, “Six” in more than 40 cities in the United States.

“The truth is that now that I think about it I don’t know how I did that theater tour. I say it now and I can’t even believe it. The same thing happens to me now that I am in the Tapia and I look at this space and I really don’t believe it,” confessed the daughter of the singer and presenter. Deddie Romero and the granddaughter of the veteran conguera player Sonia López.

Romero refers to the fact that in several weeks she will be in the running and running of the assembly of her first work from the eyes of the director and announced that there will be a lot of nerves, but at the same time a lot of laughter, since the comedy “is the most ridiculous thing that you “You’re going to see in your life, you’re going to sit down and you’re going to say ‘wow, what is this?'” he said.

“I’m making my debut, yes. It is my debut as a director and writer here in Puerto Rico and I can’t even believe it. ‘For the Love of the Gods’ is inspired by Pandora’s Box. It’s about the imperfect being the perfect. What better way than to present it with gods of Olympus at the Tapia Theater. I wrote a comedy and it did well when I presented it when I was 18. But when I visited her, now at 24 years old, I said ‘what a shame! I can’t believe I submitted this.’ So I changed it completely and did a casting. I have an incredible work team. The majority are women, young people my age, who are also starting out. “I am very proud and very excited that you will see this piece on November 3 here at the Tapia,” said the protagonist of the series. “Gina Yei” by Disney Plus.

Didi Romero wrote the work “For the Love of the Gods.” (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

The dancer and influencer also revealed that directing a play is a goal that she had a few years ago, but that she did not dare to, since “as an artist you judge yourself a lot.”

“It arose because I always get bored and I start creating. I’m always inventing and it’s also important to have a lot of eggs in one basket because maybe I danced a nice merengue, but suddenly my foot gave out and I won’t be able to do it and I’ll have to find another way to do it. In reality, what moves me is doing different things at the same time,” the actress stressed, that she is in full splendor, since she is in good health, she is extremely multifaceted, talented, creative, disciplined and genuine.

Romero is accompanied by a team of about 15 people who will help her realize the dream of her first work in Tapia. As a director, she mentioned that her focus is to create new, different things that are full of humor, since it is part of her personality.

She didn’t give a word about whether or not she will act in the comedy. “They have to come see it and they will know,” she said.

“Everything I do, I always want it to be something different. I also love to make people laugh. I need people who make you laugh as soon as you talk to them in an extremely normal conversation. I also like to inspire. I think that, in comedy, when you watch a television series like ‘The Office’, you fall in love with those characters and you laugh with them and suddenly, when something sad or serious happens, it affects you. And you say ‘why did it affect me so much?’ It’s because you didn’t realize that you were connecting so well with that person. That is something so beautiful about comedy and I would like to practice that,” said the artist, who had to settle in the United States due to her acting career, although she continues to travel frequently to the island for her projects, family and “chops.” with tostones,” he said.

Romero could not offer details about her next big project, since she is not authorized, but what she did say is that she is returning to musical theater. The reviews of her work in the musical “Six” were excellent, the same thing happened here, on the island, when she acted in “In the Heights” in it Puerto Rico Coliseum.

The second season of “Gina Yei” appears

Regarding the second season of the series that began on Disney+, “Gina Yei,” she commented with joy that it will be done but in a new house. The Flix Latino platform hosted the project after the departure of the Disney+ production, which was affected by the screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood.

The series will begin on September 30 on the platform. Flix Latino is an entertainment subscription service in Spanish, with movies, series and documentaries for a monthly payment.

The actress stars again "Gina Yei".
The actress returns to star in “Gina Yei.” (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

Tickets for the play “For the Love of the Gods” are available at

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