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Dictator’s son set to become President in this country, protests started

People know Marcos as Bongbong (“Bongbong”),

In the Philippines, the dictator’s son has won the presidential election with a majority. With the rise of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to the country’s highest office, the key to power has once again gone to the most controversial political family. According to Reuters, Marcos, better known as Bongbong (“Bongbong”), won the election by defeating his rival Lenny Roberdo. Marcos is the son of a deposed dictator who has worked for decades to improve his family’s image, Marcos was exiled with his family in Hawaii after the “People Power” revolution of 1986. The People Power Revolution ended the 20-year rule of Marcos’s father. Marcos returned to the Philippines in 1991 and has since served in the country’s parliament.

Marcos’ victory in Monday’s election was considered certain when the pre-election results showed him to be victorious. Marcos had 30 million votes when 95% of the precast votes were counted. This number was twice the number of votes that Robredo got.

The official results can come by the end of this month. Marcos refused to celebrate. But thanked them. “Thousands of you, volunteers, parallel groups, political leaders have cast their votes for us because you believe in our message of unity,” he said in his comment on Facebook.

Such a big task cannot be done alone. It looks like a lot of different things to a lot of people. Marcos, 64, fought the election on the basis of unity, but political analysts say that during his presidency, despite a wide margin of victory, this will not seem to happen.

Several million voters of Robredo say Marcos’ victory will bring back the oppressions of his family’s time. Thousands of opponents faced trial during the 1972-1981 martial law regime under Marcos’ father. The family was infamous for plundering, nepotism and an expensive lifestyle, when several billions of dollars of government wealth disappeared.

Marcos’ family denies any wrongdoing, and many of his supporters say history was tampered with. According to the New York Times, young voters rallied with rival candidate Lenny Robardo and protested the assessment of the election results, seeing the prospect of a major victory for Marcos.

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