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‘Desperate for impunity’, the reaction of Together for Change to the half sanction K to expand the Court

Absent in the room, Cristina Kirchner imposed her project in the Senate and the opposition came out harshly.

“Desperate for impunity”, was the message that came from the opposition of Together for Change as soon as it was known that in the Senate, with 36 votes in favor and 33 against, the Front of All gave half a sanction to the project devised by Cristina Kirchner for expand the Supreme Court to 15 judges, in a clear attempt to condition Justice.

The strong phrase was launched by the legislator Silvia Lospennato On twitter. And he added, by way of warning of what he hopes will happen in the Chamber of Deputies that he is a member of: “Not pass”finished.

They seek to blow smoke or give Cristina good newsCarolina Losada launched. Speaking to the TN signal, the JxC senator from Santa Fe stated that the intention is to “cover what really matters, nothing more; try make noise on the other side when inflation, according to economists, can reach triple digits at the end of the year”.

In addition, he added that another of the ruling party’s intentions is “perhaps to give Cristina some good news that tomorrow [por este viernes] it is going to be sitting in the dock“, within the framework of her defense plea for the Vialidad case, which judges her for corruption.

“The reality is that one does not fully understand what the ruling party’s final objective is because, it is known that this is not going to come to fruitionLosada warned.

Away from people’s troublesKirchnerism advanced in the Senate with a project that seeks condition the independence of the judiciary and the division of powers,” said his colleague Emilio Monzó, who expressed confidence in stopping the advance in Congress: “In Deputies we are going to stop this new onslaught against the republican system”.

With the vote just completed, Alfredo Cornejo spoke into the microphones of Senado TV.

“We do not defend the members of this Court, we we defend a system. Nobody defends the Court by itself, but the republican system and the division of powers,” the head of the Together for Change interbloc stood up.

And he added: “Justice does not work well in Argentina. It requires reforms, management and people to carry out that management. It is part of a democratic pact to modify justice, but it cannot be for the impunity of officialsbut so that it is legitimized and that society benefits, not to save an official,” he insisted in an obvious reference to the vice president and her judicial situation.

“Manipulating the debate, that due to the discrediting of Justice we need to expand the Supreme Court, I do not think it is a weighty argument or that it is an argument that is worth bringing to the venue if we want depth. If we want a democratic pact, if we want dialogue, If we intend to agree on transcendental things, I ask you to Let’s aim well at what citizens demand. And today the Argentines want to order the country macroeconomically,” Cornejo claimed.

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