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Deputy Salma Luévano disguises herself as Quadri to ask for her immunity after a transphobic speech

Salma Luevano Luna, federal deputy of Brunette, was characterized as the panista Gabriel Quadri; this with the aim of demanding his immunity, after the politician will make a series of dtransphobic statements.

Luévano donned a black wig with short curls and a mustache. He also carried cardboard where you could read ‘Transphobic Quadri’. The deputy from Morena was accompanied by other legislators in the Plenary Hall.

Another act of protest by the legislator occurred when she shaved her hair in January, after the transphobic speech of the baker

It all started when Quadri described “men dressed as women” using toilets and locker rooms designated for women, and claimed that supposed “gender ideology” dehumanizes women.

Luévano pointed out that this type of hate speech translates into hate crimes.

María Clemente, deputy for Morena, demanded that the PAN not speak out in the face of the hate speech of the former presidential candidate and tweeted the hashtag #PoliticalJudgmentAQuadri.

The deputies Salma Luévano and María Clemente are the first trans women to get a seat in Congress.


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