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Deputies: the Front of All seeks to reorder its leadership and bets not to break

“Restart the machinery” is the term that a deputy from the Frente de Todos uses to describe the state of the situation. The bombardment of the resignation of Máximo Kirchner to the leadership of the bloc put in stand-by the activity of the Lower House. The ruling bloc focuses on rearming its leadership table and ensures that it will not split, although the divided vote against the agreement with the IMF seems inevitable.

The most important meeting took place on Wednesday, when Martínez met alone with Máximo. Later, he dedicated himself to calls and bilateral meetings. She insists on chatting “with each one” to make her own map of the bench from her new role, to know where she is standing and how to continue.

Meanwhile, the meeting of representatives of the FdT and Together for Change that was planned with the aim of putting together the commissions that have to start debating the projects of extraordinary was suspended until further notice for obvious reasons.

The vice president of the caucus, the massista Cecilia Moreau made her resignation available after the departure of Máximo. And although the parliamentary secretary, the camper Paula Penacca, did not publish anything on networks, the entire leadership of the caucus is rearmed. The idea, they say, is to create a wider table with a “mix” that integrates all sectors of the ruling party.

In that sense, they take the drama out of resignations. “It is in form,” assured a leader of the Renovating Front. Close to her they agree: “It is what corresponds”.

“It is the right time to rearm the operating scheme, integrate other regions. The figure of Máximo, due to its size, is not replaced with a single name. It will be used to put together something bigger. Open and shuffle again “, they point.

Martinez also made it clear that he wanted both Moreau and Penacca to stay. But the idea is to add more representations from other sectors. “There had even been talk of having several vice-presidencies,” says another legislator. Next week there will be a meeting with a group of legislators to define new positions.

The president of the Chamber, Sergio Massa, is working on this and has the challenge, together with Martínez, of beginning to seek consensus to carry out the extraordinary agenda that Fernández requested before embarking on his tour. Only at the close of this week did he begin to organize that. “Until now he was putting out fires”secure their slopes.

Beyond some exceptions -such as those from Santa Fe linked to Governor Omar Perotti, who preferred that José Luis Gioja be elected- the election of Martínez went down well in the various government trenches. They recognize that he is a “worker”, has a good relationship with both Kirchnerists and Peronists and is convinced that “unity” is a soldier above all else.

Alberto Fernández with Germán Martínez in the Casa Rosada, brand new head of the K block of deputies to replace Maximo Kirchner

Martínez found out about Máximo Kirchner’s resignation five minutes before the communique was released. He was one of those who calmed the waters within the block, so that the surprise that invaded and angered many did not reach the networks and finish “deepening differences”.

Before knowing that he would be the chosen one, he predicted that given the situation, whoever took office was going to have to guarantee dialogue and that the bloc was not going to be able to manage “vertically.”

However, the challenge you have is great. It is not the first time that differences have arisen within the Frente de Todos, but in this case, the discrepancy regarding the agreement with the IMF is directly about the course of the Government and the way of building politically.

“We must review the functioning of the coalition. Of course, not all the decisions of a president have to be consulted before everyone, but in the big issues there must be a synthesis. Especially when they have to do with the majority sector of the space, the most important actor, which is the one linked to Máximo and Cristina”, says the deputy of the Front Patria Grande, Itaí Hagman in dialogue with Clarion. That sector, also against the agreement, saw in Máximo’s decision a door to also be able to express his disagreement.

Even so, the majority affirm that the possibility of breaking is “unthinkable” and the guarantee of unity, they recognize, is not inside the space but in front: in Together for Change. “This space was set up to beat (Mauricio) Macri and that challenge is still valid “agree two legislators.


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