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Denmark separates Hispanics from the fight for gold

It has not been. Spain It came from the rush last Wednesday against Norway, which they defeated last Wednesday 34-35 in an epic match that had two overtimes, but they crashed against Denmark (23-26) in the semifinals of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden, in a game in which the Hispanics never found the way in attack. In this way, Jordi Ribera’s team will have to settle for fighting over the weekend for the bronze medal against the loser of the second semifinal between Sweden and France.

The Hispanics got stuck in attack, among other things because they ran into a extraordinary niklas landinthe incombustible THW Kiel goalkeeper who continues to shine at 34 years of age, who gave a recital with 15 saves.

Denmark did not take long to begin to control the crash. The Nordics found spaces in the Spanish 6:0, with Saugstrup becoming strong in the six meters, but Spain, without the starting Dujshebaev, responded well with good good minutes from Pol Valera. Like Landin, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas He also shone in the Spanish goal, although his teammates did not do the same in attack and Nikolaj Jacobsen’s team went easily on the scoreboard (4-7).

Jordi Ribera called a time-out and Spain went to 5:1 in defense, achieving more dynamism in their game, although they still had to row. Ángel Fernández and Ferran Solé They found the few holes left by the Danish defense and the best Spanish moment arrived.

Serdio forced a suspension and, in superiority, the Hispanics signed a good set, just over five minutes from the break, which made it 10-11 on the scoreboard. Landin complained of a Dani Dujshebaev’s ball shot, although the video confirmed that it did not go to the faceand then he was in charge of drying up the Spanish attack in the last five minutes of the first half (10-15).

Landin continued to do his thing and at the restart he was in charge of stopping Agustín Casado, Solé and Dani Dujshebaev. The Danes did comply in attack and put themselves with a clear advantage in the light (15-20). In the other goal, Pérez de Vargas showed that he also has his place in the Olympus of goalkeepers. Spain went pick and shovel, looking for the Danish doubt that led to the timeout of Nikolaj Jakobsen. The Hispanics got to two goals (18-20) to allow yourself the luxury of dreaming of another featas against Norway on Wednesday.

But Landin showed up. how not. He saved Solé a penalty and Denmark would end up sealing their victory (23-26) to become the first finalist of this World Cup event between Sweden and Poland.

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