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Denise Quiñones celebrates Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend

Denise Quinones she is fully enjoying every moment she spends with her new love, the actor and director Xavier Morales. Proof of this was the celebration of a romantic dinner in a restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

In some images shared by the beauty queen in your Instagram account, she is seen posing first with a rose in hand, while sitting at a table. The other photos show the couple posing for the camera with a wide smile, while a third photo shows how Morales plants a kiss on the cheek of the model and actress, while she can not contain her smile and happiness.

The photographer, like the Miss Universe 2001confirmed their romantic relationship on December 31, 2021, with publications on their social networks, respectively. Both were grateful to the previous year for all the love received.

“One of the most beautiful gifts that 2021 brought me. Thank you my life for so much affection, support, dedication and love”, expressed the Puerto Rican beauty. For her part, Morales said: “Thank you for so much love 2021 ″. At the beginning of the year, the two worked together on the film “Las Camelias”, produced by Paloma Suau.

In March 2021, without imagining the common future that awaited them, the actors expressed how comfortable they felt working with each other, even though it was the first time they had collaborated on a project together. Also, both assured that they did not know each other previously.

“I had never worked with her, never met her personally. I have always followed her career. I’m a fan of beauty pageants and such. I expected no less. She showed me total confidence, from the first day I feel that she is my best friend, you know. We have a dynamic, a very beautiful connection, very real, and that has allowed the scenes to flow because we have many scenes that are intimate, that we have a lot of closeness, “Morales externalized.

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