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Deependra raised 9 questions on the 9 year tenure of the BJP government –

Chandigarh, 28 October (Trinew)

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Deependra Hooda has raised 9 questions on the nine-year tenure of the Manohar government. He says that the government should answer these questions on a public platform so that people can know how the state which was at the top in every aspect till 2014, is now lagging behind.

Deependra says that the state has now come into election mode and now the present government is a guest for only seven months. The government is making tall claims but the truth is that every section of the state is troubled by the government. The BJP government has taken Haryana off the track of development. Deependra said that the Congress party will bring a charge sheet against the state government and if the Congress government is formed in the state, proper investigation will be done in all the corruption cases. He said that the party will organize a ‘Kisan-Laborer’ protest rally in Sirsa on December 17 in memory of the farmers who were martyred during the farmers’ movement.

Putting a barrage of questions on the government, Deependra said that how Haryana, which was number one in providing employment during the time of Congress, has now reached the first position in the country in unemployment. Why were the schemes started by Congress to stop inflation and welfare of the poor stopped? What are the reasons behind the most expensive electricity, highest VAT, school fees and inflation in food items in the state? Why is number one Haryana now lagging behind in terms of growth rate, investment and big projects in the state? He said that the Hooda government had made the state a state that gives highest rates for crops, cheap electricity and maximum subsidies to farmers. Today BJP has made the state number one in atrocities on farmers.

The government should tell when it will implement the agreement made with the farmers. BJP has made Haryana number-one in corruption and scams. The government should also answer this to the people. Deependra said that Haryana was number-one in respect of players, but now the players are disappointed.

We will continue to fight honestly: MP

Recently, Home Minister Anil Vij had given a statement regarding former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda that a room is ready for him in jail. When Deependra was asked about this, he said, ‘Hooda Saheb has already answered this. There is no such threat, no other prison has been built near them, which can stop us from fighting the people’s fight honestly. My great grandfather was sentenced to Kalepani by the British. My grandfather remained in the dungeons for eight years. At that time they did not even know whether the country would be independent or not. He said, ‘Even then we had fought a just fight. Hooda Saheb and we have those values. We will honestly fight for the state and countrymen. They have been saying the same thing again and again for nine years. Is this a court or a judge? No person sitting in the government has the right to talk like this. We also say that the present government has committed scams and they should be investigated. But we never said that we will send him to jail. This is the work of the law. We are fighting only for democracy.

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