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Debt-ridden businessman swallowed poison along with family in Ambala, death of businessman Jaswinder Gupta, wife and son under treatment at PGI Chandigarh

Jitendra Aggarwal/HP

Ambala City, 28 May

Three members of a merchant family living in the local Naya Bamboo, who were in debt due to huge losses in business, tried to kill themselves by swallowing poison. All three were referred to PGI Chandigarh in critical condition where the head of the family died while the condition of mother and son is said to be critical. Police is busy taking necessary action in the matter.

The deceased businessman has been identified as 65-year-old Jaswinder Gupta while his wife Kusum, 58, and son Hitesh, 34, are said to be in critical condition. According to the information, an attempt was made to poison a small child who was present at the house at the time of the incident, but he did not go into his mouth and fell on the clothes, which saved his life while the daughter-in-law was on duty.

According to the information, the deceased Jaswinder Gupta belongs to a well-known firm of Dal Bazar and at present used to do wholesale work of mustard oil and other items on Spatu Road in the city itself. Along with him his son also used to sit in the shop. According to information received from domestic friends and neighbors, this businessman became a victim of the recession during the Korana period and went into debt. However, the brothers and relatives together had also got the decision of a lot of debt done. But he was troubled due to non-payment of loan. Due to this, the whole family tried to kill themselves by swallowing the poisonous substance. As soon as they came to know, the first three were taken to a private hospital in the city from where they were referred to Chandigarh PGI in view of their serious condition. The condition of Kusum and Hitesh remained critical till the time of writing the news. Soon after coming to know about the accident, a large number of neighboring shopkeepers etc. started reaching the residence and police post of the deceased, where the police is engaged in further action. Navtej, in-charge of outpost number-2, said that at present the police is collecting information about the case. The cause of the accident has not been disclosed but prima facie it seems to be an attempt to commit suicide.

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