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David Bisbal talks about his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s: “It’s hard the first time he doesn’t recognize you”

a nostalgic David Bisbal He opened up for the first time and spoke in detail about the Alzheimer’sthe illness that his father José “Pepe” Bisbal has been suffering from for some time and that, little by little, takes him away from the world he once knew.

“She no longer recognizes me, my sister, or my brother… Sometimes not even my mother, who is always with her. However, he does remember his time as a boxer. He remembers a lot. And he perfectly remembers that he is from Almeria,” explained the Spanish singer during his most recent interview with the program “The Anthill”.

Currently the voice of “Buleria” is in the middle of the promotion of a documentary who will review his 20 years of musical career and the launch of his eighth album that premieres this Friday, “I feel alive”.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that worsens over time. It is characterized by changes in the brain that lead to deposits of certain proteins. The disease causes the brain to shrink and brain neurons eventually die. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, a gradual deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior and social skills.. “These changes affect a person’s ability to function.”

According to Bisbal, his father, who already has 81 yearshe was always characterized by being a man happy, funny and jovial. And that is why, despite the sadness that encompasses you as a family when you see your loved one suffer from the well-known “forgetting disease”they decided to face it and bet whenever they can, on make you smile, making laughter the medicine for this sad disease.

Within nostalgia, there are funny moments. I try to take shelter in them. It’s tough, but it’s true that Pepe has been a very joking person throughout his life and we try to remember him that way,” the artist admitted.

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