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Daniela Droz, an iron lady transformed by God

Yesenia Droz Serrano, better known as Daniela Droz, has always been characterized by its “joy and bomb eh”, spontaneity and good energy. These attributes, according to the testimonies that hundreds of women have expressed in the social networks of the communicator and certified life coach, now has them in an enlarged version.

This 180-degree turn, according to whoever ventured onto the small screen through the well-remembered children’s program “Maripili”, is due to a personal encounter with God two years ago. That call, she stated in a telephone interview with The new dayput a new armor on the “Iron Lady”.

“God confronted me. How did he do it? It was through a person with whom I began to speak. He was a boy who, to be honest, I speak honestly, the boy caught my attention, I caught his attention and we kind of started talking, but the conversation turned spiritual because he is a believer and through God told me many things about him”, commented the winner of the Maja Infantil contest, at the age of eight.

Droz Serrano continued that, although he has always been sensitive to the word of God, he did not live according to his purposes. For this reason, he decided to let go and believe her. Since then, everything has changed in the life of the man who received his first opportunity in the music industry at the age of 16 with a merengue group led by rapper DJ Negro.

“My way of seeing life, of communicating with my son, of handling crisis situations and challenges, which will continue to come, but now I have the correct tools to face them. Also (I have changed) in how I see my parents, how I see the future, my family, people in general, how I look at people with more mercy and being very careful in the things I say. I am not perfect, but I am walking and learning”, added.

Her more than 30-year career, where she has become an example figure for other women, led her to reflect on the fact that she should share everything she had put into practice and it worked for her. In turn, she told her, this was the divine call that God had given her for this time.

In this way, stripped of burdens, guilt and negative feelings, Droz Serrano was certified as a life and spirituality coach. After this achievement, she added, unimaginable doors have been opened.

“This is part of what God has called me to do and I always felt it, but I didn’t know where to start. It wasn’t until I decided to release everything into his hands that everything fell into his place. God has been taking me and that is what I share with people, ”she expressed with enthusiasm.

Through her call, the graduate of the School of Communication of the University of Puerto Rico, in Río Piedras (UPR-RP), helps people to have a balanced life. The results he sees day after day, she said, are his biggest motivation and the sure sign that he’s on the right track.

“Many people are missing something, but they don’t know how to fill that space. So, in this process, I can work hand in hand with the person and, to the best of my ability, support him so that he is on his way, whether he has a new encounter or an encounter for the first time, I can strengthen his spiritual life that is so lacking. He does it because sometimes we forget that we are mind, we are body and we are spirit and there is a space that no one fills, only God.” he claimed.


Recently, Droz Serrano celebrated the first year since the founding of the non-profit organization “Iron Ladies” together with Dr. Vivian Badillo.

The event brought together more than 50 women to celebrate the achievements of the organization that was inaugurated in November of last year, as well as the personal goals achieved by each participant. At the meeting they enjoyed an exclusive makeup workshop led by professional makeup artist Leidy Veloz, two motivational talks by the communicator and Dr. Badillo, multiple raffles and a banquet courtesy of Melao Bakery.

“That was something else that I, for years, tried to work on and it didn’t work out, I didn’t even know where to start and suddenly God puts everything, the right people, people who you say: ‘Oh, my God, this is where es’ and last year we were able to found the organization in Florida. We are already doing the whole process to do it in Puerto Rico because they are different processes,” reported.

“Iron Ladies” works with the emotions of its participants, takes them to the root of many of the problems that plague them and allows them to leave with a clearer mind.

Currently, the 45-year-old Puerto Rican congregates at the Juan 3:16 Church in Orlando, Florida. She is accompanied there by her son, Kenny Efraín, who from an early age also serves in the temple through the children’s ministry.

Similarly, the actress is in the process of filming the Puerto Rican movie “Enredo de reyes” along with colleagues such as Osvaldo Friger and joan polanco. The film is a production by Julio Román, director of “Los mecánicos” and “Barrote Films”.

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