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Daniel Scioli stands against La Cámpora and appoints Aníbal Fernández as his electoral agent


Determined to be a candidate for President, the ambassador in Brazil added the Minister of Security to his campaign table and anointed him as the person in charge of closing the lists for the PASO.

While Sergio Massa insists that there be no internal competition in the PASO and a sector of Kirchnerism bet on a call from Cristina Kirchner to get off, Daniel Scioli accelerates in its assembly and in the last hours it agreed with the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, so that they formally join your campaign as electoral proxy.

Although in sciolismo they already claimed to have guaranteed their own structure in the 135 districts of the province of Buenos Aires to prop up the candidacy for governor of Victoria Toulouse Peace and the talks with the PJ governors were rushing to define the candidates in the rest of the country, the appointment of Aníbal F. represents a challenge for those who sought to force him to decline his candidacy, which Scioli himself described as “an irreversible decision”.

Daniel Scioli and Victoria Tolosa Paz shared a plenary session of the third electoral section in Lanús.

“Aníbal to be in charge of the diagram and the presentation of the lists. They will have to discuss with him,” they confirmed to Clarion unobjectionable sources of sciolismo, who specified that he had already been making contributions to the polling station. From the environment of the minister they ratified the information before the consultation of this chronicler.

Hannibal’s contribution

Beyond the fact that Scioli has leaders in his team with a long party history and pure belonging to his space, interlocutors aware of the ambassador’s decision explain that Aníbal Fernández can provide an imprint that adds to the motorboat: “To discuss issues of endorsements and regulatory issues to Aníbal you have to be prepared, it will not be easy for them if they want to cheat us to get off, “they remark.

From both sectors They denied that President Alberto Fernández was behind the landing of Aníbal. “What does it have to do with it? He is not supporting anyone, he is busy ensuring that his administration ends in the best possible way, it is his only concern,” replied one of the voices consulted.

It happens that speculation arises because a good part of the leaders who supported Fernández (foreign minister Santiago Cafiero, Tolosa Paz, among others), with the exception of the deputy chief of staff, Juan Manuel Olmos, today very close to Massa, today works for Scioli .

In addition, until the last moment Aníbal F. was the main defender of the head of state going for re-election.

In this bid, the minister had no problem in openly confronting the leaders of La Cámpora, whom he accused of “They never worked and they spent their time throwing stones from the other sidewalk“. Even with the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedrothe pre-candidate that today promotes the group led by Máximo Kirchner.

Against Cristina’s “finger”

In recent days, already very close to Scioli’s campaign scheme, Aníbal F. warned that Cristina’s finger It was not enough to prevent there being an internal.

“There is no one who has the credit to enter the candidacies, unless the Chinese plane (Massa and Máximo Kirchner) bring it to Juan Perón. If Perón doesn’t come, we have to go to the elections, count the votes one by one and when it’s over we’ll see.”

In the last days, as counted ClarionScioli intensified contacts with at least five PJ governors to ask them “not to join those who do not want the people to decide at the polls” and, on the other hand, to guarantee them that if they let him compete he will raise an internal “controlled” and “without grievances or disqualifications”.

The presence of Aníbal F. in the armed forces opens a question in that sense. Accustomed in recent years to playing freely and without conditioning to make statements, now the minister will have to accommodate himself to the line that Scioli lowers of not responding to the attacks, as happened in recent days after Massista swords such as the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, or the Buenos Aires Minister of Transportation, Jorge D’Onofrio, will criticize him. “Hannibal plays crazy but doesn’t eat glass, he’s going to line up“, they trust the orange rows.

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