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Daniel Bisogno said goodbye to his daughter before a complication: “I would have died in seconds”

Daniel Bisogno was intubated in intensive care after some varicose veins burst in his esophagus, so he told what he thought at the moment he was operated on after they made his relatives sign a responsive letter about possible complications to your health.

“They put me to sleep, they realize that there is such a quantity of blood that they cannot act,” the driver told Paty Chapoy in windowingwho assured that he had lost almost 2 liters of blood.

What complications did Daniel Bisogno’s operation have?

Aware of the risks and supported by medical personnel before losing consciousness from the intervention after being hospitalized in an emergency, Bisogno believed that he might not get out of there alive.

“I couldn’t stop thinking that in one of those maybe I wouldn’t go out again, because you don’t have your life bought and when you’re with something like that the first thing I thought of was Michaela,” he added.

The specialists did not have it easy, since they soon realized that with so much blood it was difficult to find where the leak was. “Let’s put it this way, the risk that I would aspirate sedated was very great and I would have died in seconds,” she revealed.

This was Daniel Bisogno’s farewell to his daughter

Daniel said that when he saw his daughter alone in the distance playing with her doll, he told himself that he could not leave her unprotected. “That is not going to happen, whatever happens I have to get out of this,” he argued. However, he did come to say goodbye In case things didn’t go as expected.

“I had time to tell him: Come on, chubby, daddy is going to go to the hospital, but I don’t want you to ever forget that you will never find a person who loves you as much as I do and that you made me the happiest person in the world. arriving. I want you to be happy, I want you to always laugh, I want you to be happy.”

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