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Dalip Singh, who advised US President to impose sanctions on Russia, had ‘excellent talks’ in India: White House

Dalip Singh had come to India on 30 and 31 March.


US President Joe Biden’s top adviser Dalip Singh has had constructive talks with his Indian counterparts. The White House gave this information on Thursday. Lion, Ukraine Biden is leading the administration’s efforts to impose punitive sanctions on Russia in response to the attack. He visited India on March 30 and 31 to hold in-depth discussions on the consequences of Russia’s “unfair war” against Ukraine and the “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework”.


White House Press Secretary Kate Bedingfield said in a daily press conference, “Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economics Dalip Singh had fruitful conversations with his counterparts. I know the conversation was constructive.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said in another press conference in response to a question about the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister to India that each country has its own relations with Russia.

“Different countries have their own relations with the Russian Federation. This is a historical and geographical fact. We are not working to change that. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the international community speaks out in unison, in the context of India or other partners and allies around the world.

Price said, “Raising voice against this unwarranted, unprovoked, pre-planned aggression, calling for an end to violence, is to work with other countries, including India, to achieve this goal.” There are also countries that have long-standing relations with the Russian Federation and in such a situation, they can benefit more than countries close to us.

He, however, refrained from giving a direct answer to the question on rupee-ruble trade between India and Russia. “I would like to ask our Indian counterparts questions regarding rupee-ruble trade. As for the Quad, one of the core principles of the Quad is to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific. This is specifically for the Indo-Pacific region. However, these are principles and ideas that apply to any geographical area.

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