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Cyprus, the hiding place of the Russian oligarchs

VSalvin Klein, Patek Philippe, Chopard… Victory House is a modern building next to the most luxurious boutiques of Limassol, the second city of Cyprus. At reception, the hostess in a suit makes one or two phone calls upstairs. “No, Tatiana Gasanova is not here today. She’s at home, telecommuting… Leave her a message. She will call you back. » And she asks the two security guards to make us understand that there is no point in insisting. “Leave him a message. »

A few weeks ago, Tatiana Gasanova was however very active on social networks. She posted job offers for Russian speakers on the island, celebrated the good health of Russian companies based in Cyprus and wished her colleagues a happy holiday…

LANDSAT 5/Alamy Stock Photo / Abaca – ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP – ILIYA PITALEV/Sputnik via AFP – GRIGORY SYSOEV/Sputnik via AFP – PAVEL LISITSYN/Sputnik via AFP – SERGEY KARPUHIN/Sputnik via AFP – VALERIY MELNIKOV/Sputnik via AFP – EKATERINA CHESNOKOVA/Sputnik via AFP – RAMIL SITDIKOV/Sputnik via AFP – ITAR-TASS News Agency/Alamy Stock Photo/Abaca – Kostas Pikoulas/Sipa USA/SIPA – UGO AMEZ/SIPA – Romain Gubert

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