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Cristina Kirchner’s session: she received Juan Manzur and withdrew from the Senate when she spoke of inflation

Juan Manzur went to Congress this Thursday to render his management report in the Senate, eight and a half months later of his appointment as head of the national cabinet. There he was received by Cristina Kirchner, Vice President of the Nation and head of the Upper House. But the former president withdrew from the enclosure in the first section of the extensive exhibition.

Kirchner’s session was peculiar. The clock marked 13.55 when Christina entered the room. He welcomed the senators and invited them to stand for the routine: the raising of the flag and the singing of the National Anthem. Then they read some sheets that needed an agreement in the chamber and Víctor Zimmerman from Chaco requested to advance the updating of the scales for monotributistas.

“There being no more matters to discuss, this session is closed and the special information session is open to receive the report from the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Mr. Dr. Juan Manzur, whom I invite to come into the room”Cristina announced at 2:03 p.m.

The governor of Tucumán, on leave, entered among some photographers and sat down, as is customary in these events, at a desk, with his back to the authorities of the House. “I invite you, Mr. Manzur, to give the respective report,” said Cristina, who gave her voice to the member of the national government. And she started running the exhibition clock.

In the official transmission of the Senate they concentrated on the figure of the chief of staff, with sporadic wide shots of the enclosure.

Juan Manzur, with Cristina Kirchner, in Congress.

The last time Cristina Kirchner was seen went to the 19 minutes and 35 seconds Manzur’s speech, when the man from Tucuman I was talking about inflation. Then he discussed the agreements with private bondholders and the Monetary Fund, in addition to the talks with the Paris Club.

The next time they focused on the entire room, it was on the 27 minutes and 12 seconds. The former Minister of Health discussed some economic measures taken by the management of Alberto Fernández. Cristina was no longer in her seat. Carolina Losada, vice president of the Senate, was already in her place.

Kirchner left the room while Manzur elaborated on the general rise in pricesas testified Clarion.

Juan Manzur, with Carolina Losada, in Congress.

Juan Manzur, with Carolina Losada, in Congress.

What Juan Manzur said about inflation

The last time the Senate head was seen was when Manzur was referring to the inflationary phenomenon and comparing it to the situation in the United States.

“On TV, the president of North America himself and the head of the FED of that country expressed their enormous concern about this issue. If we take this account in context, we can hardly understand the situation where our country and the region are in terms of inflation,” said the chief of staff.

Then the camera attended exclusively to your figure.

“Inflation, there are no doubts and we have to take charge, is the main problem we have to deal with“, he acknowledged in his management report. “It is a long-standing phenomenon of its own and has multiple reasons. We know the multiple causes that accelerated inflation in recent months, both in Argentina and in the rest of the world: the pandemic, the post-pandemic complications in the global value chain and finally, now, the war in the heart of Europe,” he added.

The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, presents the management report in the Senate.  Photo Juano Tesone

The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, presents the management report in the Senate. Photo Juano Tesone

He then highlighted the government’s “comprehensive approach” and, with criticism of Macricalled the increase “real income.”

“It’s not going to be resolved overnight. That’s why the gradual disinflation strategy has to do with a gradual and very, very progressive reduction of the fiscal deficit, together with the very gradual and gradual reduction also of financing from the Central Bank to the Treasury, the reconstruction of the debt market in domestic currency and the strengthening of the production of all that are tradable goods,” continued Manzur.

Then, 22 minutes and 24 seconds into the speech, he got into the matter of the external debt.

He highlighted the “arrangements of commitments and debts with the external private sector.” And he recalled that later “it was the turn of the International Monetary Fund.”

The chief cabinet Juan Luis Manzur presents the management report.  Carolina Losada chairs the session.  Photo Juano Tesone

The chief cabinet Juan Luis Manzur presents the management report. Carolina Losada chairs the session. Photo Juano Tesone

“I also came here to explain what the conditions were and why we had to agree with the International Monetary Fund, what were the tools that our officials had arrived and agreed to in order to move forward,” he recalled.

He added: “We had to avoid the specter of default. Finally, that was achieved.”

He moved on to negotiations with the Paris Club, which included a deal to defer payments until a new deal with a 2024 deadline is renegotiated. He closed the section on Debt with a elevation shot to Macri.

“We, this government, the political space to which I belong, would never have assumed such a level of debt. And by decision of our government and forever, I hope so, every time a government needs to fix or take debt in foreign currency it has to go by this Parliament. That’s what we did,” said Manzur.

But Christina was no longer behind their backs.


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