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Cristina Kirchner’s order for their own and the Cordovan dispute between Juan Schiaretti, Horacio Larreta and Judge

They do not work

Cristina Kirchner lashed out again this Monday, in the act at the CTA, against the administration of Alberto Ángel Fernández with criticism of the (failed) fight against inflation, denouncing an “import festival” in her own government and undertaking a strong crusade -when talking about social plans- against the Evita Movement, the group of Fernando “Chino” Navarro and Emilio Pérsico. The vice president, as has been told in this column, is politically active full time and speaks with ministers, secretaries of state, governors and mayors, from whom she asks for data on the economy and listens to the social thermometer of each district. Therefore, she was not surprised that she made a thorough reference to Guillermo Michel, the new head of Customs, who met with Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner before assuming in that transcendental organism. “You have to generate a perception of risk, so that they see that it is not so easy to steal dollars,” was the phrase that circulated at that table, where evasion was discussed, something that the vice president in Avellaneda emphasized. But after the (public) shock to the Casa Rosada that Cristina gave this Monday, the head of the K not only seems to have set her sights on the Albertista camp but she also issued a (private) warning to her own troops. A few days ago, in a meeting with several of her faithful collaborators, she waved her right hand as if asking for speed and launched: “These don’t do anything right. But let ours get into it too, eh!”. The warning of the head of the cristinista camp It was to make known some disagreements with the performance of those who, on the side of Christianity, manage the main positions of that sector in the Government, thus demanding results from the heads of the organizations that are in the hands of La Cámpora or of who respond directly to the head of the Senate. The vice president’s concern is growing with respect to the fate of Peronism in the next electoral year, with a specific eye on the province of Buenos Aires. All united, will we succeed?

Plenary of the CTA in Avellaneda. Cristina Kirchner, Hugo yasky and Jorge Ferraresi. Photo German Garcia Adrasti


Cristina Kirchner does not usually leave anything to chance in her speeches. For this reason, several participants in the event last Monday took note of the three times that the vice president named her economic guru: “As we chatted with Axel”, he said making it clear that his vision and reading of the economy is always based on his exchanges with the governor of the province of Buenos Aires. The seasoned men and women of the Conurbano present there understood that CFK’s esteem remains intact with its former minister, who intends to run for re-election. Some of those present, who work to be able to compete for that position, understood that it will not be easy for them to run Kicillof out of that race. Including Máximo Kirchner, who prefers Martín Insaurralde for that race. To your corners!

Cristina Kirchner, Axel Kicillof and Máximo Kirchner in Lomas de Zamora.  Photo: Andres D'Elia

Cristina Kirchner, Axel Kicillof and Máximo Kirchner in Lomas de Zamora. Photo: Andres D’Elia


The political fight of 2023 opens many questions in the opposition, mainly in Together for Change where the disputes over the candidacies started very early. The crucial province of Córdoba is no exception to this, which was key in 2015 for the presidential victory of Mauricio Macri. For this reason, there are several who are carefully looking at what position they will take in that opposition alliance with respect to the current governor. Juan Schiaretti will not go for re-election and a question arises about his succession, where to this day, Martín Llaryora -mayor of the city of Córdoba- stings to be the candidate to succeed him in the Government. And the current provincial president has begun to show signs that he will play in the presidential fight, leading or blessing someone to launch a political alternative, which could intervene in the competition between JxC and the Front of All.

Larreta and Schiaretti, in 2015. Clarín Archive

Larreta and Schiaretti, in 2015. Clarín Archive

The fear of some of the people from Córdoba is about the oiled relationship between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Schiaretti, because in Mediterranean lands Some see the chance of a “non-aggression” agreement between Larretism and Schiarettism. If this species is true, the main loser would be Luis Juez, who today believes he has the best chances of competing and ending up victorious for the Cordoba government. Will there be trouble at the door? I’m from Cordoba, I like wine and party… And I drink it without soda because that way it hits more, hits more…

Vox Bonus

Senator Martín Lousteau was absent from the country in recent days, as he was invited to participate in different debates at the Dublin Book Festival in Ireland. There, he shared tables with leading economists on inflation in the world, discussed with specialists about the situation after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and even met militants from his Evolution force who study in the area. Everything was going well until he boarded the Lufthansa flight to Buenos Aires with a stopover in Frankfurt. The company – which received a subsidy of 10 billion dollars from the German state after the pandemic – delayed the first section so much that it forced passengers to miss the connection. It was already night in Frankfurt when the passengers (among whom was Lousteau) wandered without answering through the gigantic airport, spending hours without information and without luggage because the Lufthansa offices closed. A single helpful employee apologized and tried to put people in a hotel 30 minutes away so they could sleep that night. The senator from Buenos Airesor left to rest without your luggage, pending the rescheduling of a flight scheduled for 48 hours later. An inconvenience that did not take away from Lousteau the emotion of being able to accompany the leader of U2, Bono, in the reading of excerpts from his unpublished book in Finnegan’s Pub in Dublin .. Hello, hello, I’m at a place called Vertigo..

Launch of the Scholas Occurentes Educational Movement in a meeting with young people: Martín Lousteau, translator of Bono Vox.  Photo: Victor Sokolowicz

Launch of the Scholas Occurentes Educational Movement in a meeting with young people: Martín Lousteau, translator of Bono Vox. Photo: Victor Sokolowicz

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