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Cristina Kirchner’s defense revives the story of a ‘deteriorated’ Court in the face of the setback to her proposals

After the Supreme Court rejected all the resources presented with the aim of bringing down the Cause roadwhere the investigation corruption in public works in Santa Cruz, Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer, Carlos Beraldispared no criticism against the highest judicial court in Argentina and maintained that the ruling “has technical errors.”

In an interview he gave to C5Nthe lawyer who leads the defense of the vice president assured that “the Court is deeply deteriorated in its operation and lacks all credibility“.

“Since the time of the automatic majority of the Menem party, the Court has never had a level of deterioration similar to what it has now. This has to be remedied. It cannot continue like this, because Argentina needs an independent Court that he deliver his sentences according to the law and not according to the political convenience of each moment,” he added.

After the setback to his arguments, Beraldi complained: “For three years, the trial unfolded and all the evidence demolished the accusation. Despite the fact that they finger-pointed an expert, who is an enemy of the Kirchner family, the result of the trial has so far been categorical.”

Cristina Kirchner with her lawyer, Carlos Beraldi. Photo Maxi Failla.

In addition, I accuse the highest body of the Judicial Power of respond to media interests and of “real power”: “As requested by the real owners of power in Argentina, the Court ended up ruling in the same way in which the newspapers had been announcing it: a sentence that rejects all resources.”

“The conditioning of judicial bodies through the media and royal powers cannot work constantly. This happens because these judges and prosecutors have no authority“, he lashed out.

Now the next step is start of arguments by the prosecution and the defense. Facing this instance, he considered: “Evidence has been collected, which are public hearings that we are going to see soon. Now the allegations are coming and we will listen to the prosecutor, who is already announcing what he has to say.”

The Beraldi Commission and its truncated intentions with the Supreme Court

The lawyer recalled his time on the so-called Beraldi Commission, which was convened by the President to advise him on a reform to improve the functioning of the Supreme Court, and lamented that several of his intentions were cut short.

As he explained, the suggestions he made were precisely “so that this type of arbitrariness would not happen and that the Court would not have the absolute discretion to shelve a fileto have it for three years, and that, when the real political power asked for it, to make a functional ruling on those interests”.

The start of the trial for the Vialidad case in February 2019. Cristina Kirchner sat behind Lázaro Báez and Julio De Vido.  Photo Maxi Failla.

The start of the trial for the Vialidad case in February 2019. Cristina Kirchner sat behind Lázaro Báez and Julio De Vido. Photo Maxi Failla.

“The Court had to be given regulations and its operation more transparent. This Court does not represent anyone, or rather it only represents them, the owners of the true power”, he sentenced.

As for the debate over enlargement in its number of members, he explained that it was not a topic they discussed, “because it was not on the agenda given by the President.” In any case, he indicated that he is “in favor of the Court being broader and having representation of all Argentines.”

The Court’s rejection of the appeals in the Vialidad Case

The rulings of the Court this Tuesday, which rejected all the resources of Cristina Kirchner, Julio De Vido and Carlos Kirchner, cleared the way for the Federal Oral Court 2 (TOF2) to advance in the trial for the direction of contracts for 3,500 million dollars in favor of Lázaro Báez.

Thus, the members of TOF 2, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, Jorge Gorini and Andrés Basso and the prosecutor Diego Luciani they will be able to move forward calmly with the arguments of the trial in the coming weeks. The first sentence against Cristina Kirchner is expected by the end of the year.

At the same time, validated the evidence in this key cause of the proceedings against the former president, who claimed, for example, to expert all public works granted during his government and not just five contracts.


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