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Cristina Kirchner tries to calm the Máximo-Axel Kicillof fight, worried about not losing the Province

“Axel’s relationship with Cristina is optimal, they talk every day. With Máximo, it is normal”describes a bishop of the Buenos Aires governor within hours of the main event of Peronism that will take place, next Tuesday, at the Arsenal de Sarandí football stadium.

Peronism is experiencing a true ordeal today: in addition to the economy with the dollar unleashed and inflation on the rise, in the province of Buenos Aires – its main enclave -, The intern in Kirchnerism between La Cámpora and Axel Kicillof remains alive, waiting for the result of the national and provincial elections next Sunday. To this must be added the outcome of the Insaurralde case, where the governor shrugs his shoulders and points to the Camporista leader as the intellectual author of the landing of the former Lomese chief in the provincial Chief of Staff, after the Peronist defeat in the 2021 midterm elections. .

Cristina Kirchner does not publicly participate in this year’s electoral campaign but she is active from her office in the Senate and from her apartment, in the Constitución neighborhood. He holds meetings or calls Sergio Tomás Massa and Axel Kicillof from there. And his son Maximus. With all of them, he addresses the economic issue (which reveals it) and politics, in terms of electoral issues. But it monitors the internal bidding, such as that of Massa with Alberto Ángel Fernández, which ended up irritating the minister-candidate after the judicial presentation (alone) of the President against Javier Milei for his statements against the peso, a fact that the head of State decided for their own and that the Union for the Homeland campaign team considered as a move that was detrimental to the space and favorable to the libertarian.

The minister and candidate for president, Sergio Massa, together with governor Axel Kicillof, and Martín Insaurralde at the presentation of the “Unión por Lomas” list in Lomas de Zamora.

But Cristina also listens to Buenos Aires interlocutors who tell her about the conflicts between her political protégé (the governor) and Máximo Kirchner. The vice president defends her son but does not invalidate Kicillof. It strikes a delicate balance, which keeps alive the internal tension of the provincial leader and the president of the Buenos Aires PJ. The vice president shows concern about not losing the Province and that the UBA economist, who is her main political delegate, wins the election for governor, which does not have a ballot but is obtained by one vote. She knows that her son puts emphasis on the electoral fight in the municipalities of Quilmes and Hurlingham.

Both Cristina and her son and the current governor know that if there is no national victory but they maintain the Province, there will be a total reconfiguration of power in Peronism.. Kicillof is aware and that is why he improved his relationship with many mayors, with whom he previously had a tense situation, mainly due to his vision and management of numbers and provincial funds.

On September 27, an event in the town of Ensenada showed firsthand how kicilovismo and camporismo have no return. This activity was organized by actors from the so-called “Mesa de Ensenada” such as Jorge Ferraresi and Mario Secco, mayors of Avellaneda and Ensenada, respectively. And because of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, who left La Cámpora, he formed his group “La Patria es el Otro” and joined Kicillofism.

Máximo attended the event without stepping on the stage, sat in the fourth row and left as soon as Massa and Kicillof finished speaking, arguing that he felt in poor health. Now, next Tuesday, there will be a campaign event at the Arsenal stadium, which Christianity adopted in the 2017 campaign, when CFK founded Unidad Ciudadana.

This Tuesday, October 17 (Loyalty Day) the Arsenal stadium will receive Massa and Kicillof and Máximo who (so far), will not speak but will be invited to be on stage to show “unity”. Close to the national deputy, they argue that Máximo was always aligned with the governor’s campaign, like last Saturday, when he participated in a caravan in La Matanza and showed up in the same truck with Massa, Kicillof and the local chief Fernando Espinoza.

Caravan in La Matanza with Massa, Kicillof, Máximo and LarroqueCaravan in La Matanza with Massa, Kicillof, Máximo and Larroque

The tension is absolute between Axel and Máximo: one is the governor of the Province and the other, the president of the Buenos Aires PJ. And they are not shown together and active in the campaign. The problems were finally resolved with the emergence of the “Yate Gate” where Martín Insaurralde appeared in relaxation with the model Sofía Clerici in Marbella and was ejected from the provincial position and from the candidacy in Lomas de zamora. Insaurralde was a solid ally of the head of La Cámpora in the party power structure and in the distribution of positions in provincial organizations.

Today Kicillof puts together the campaign with his core of leaders and officials and does not expect anything from La Cámpora. He plans to tour the Río Salado project this Wednesday (which is considered a milestone in his management within the PBA) and before that, he will go through Moreno for a tour with Mayor Mariel Fernández. And on Thursday it is “we will see” because the national campaign will close with an event in a factory in a town in the interior of the country: Massa wants a closure without leaders and showing himself “without politics and with workers.” If this closure is confirmed, Kicillof will clone the idea but in a factory in the Conurbano.

The crisis that Peronism is experiencing today (in the fight to enter the national runoff) does not admit a closure like those in 2019, when Massa, Máximo, Kicillof and the then presidential formula Alberto-Cristina spoke on the same day. Of that, Not even the name remains, since the Frente de Todos turned to Unión por la Patria for this electoral turn.

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