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Cristina Kirchner presses for like-minded judges and stops key projects in the Senate

Cristina Kirchner presses for the Senate to speed up the approval of the specifications of the judges related to Kirchnerism and from the Frente de Todos bloc they already put a brake on the reform of the Rental Law, At the same time, they seek to delay the treatment of the proposal aimed at mitigating the dramatic situation of UVA credit takers.

The radical Julio Martínez ratified this Wednesday Clarion that there is a decision by the ruling party “condition” the reform of the Rental Law such as the project for UVA credits to the approval of the 75 judicial documents, among which is that of Ana Maria Figueroathe judge who turned 75, the limit age for retirement, and that Kirchnerism wants to extend her mandate for 5 years so that she can decide on cases that link the vice president.

Until now, the maneuvers of the ruling party do nothing more than fuel the accusations of the senators of Together for Change because to the decision to modify the reform of the Rental Law that Deputies approved, this Wednesday was added the intention to make changes to the UVA credit project, which also has the approval of the lower house.

This proposal began to be discussed by the Budget Committee and although its president Ricardo Guerra (Frente de Todos) promised to be “as quickly as possible, so that there is not much delay”, the truth is that the ruling party asked to convene the groups that brings together the victims and in a second shift the representatives of the banking and financial entities. In addition to promote modifications to what was approved in July by the deputies.

The camporista Anabel Fernández Sagasti stated that the proposal “is not satisfactory for those affected by the UVA credits, it does not bring a solution.” “There are many judicial rulings that have failed in different ways, but we believe that the solution has to be legislative,” clarified the Mendoza senator, who added that “90% of those who are suffering UVA credits are from public banks.”

The radical Víctor Zimmermann, meanwhile, pointed out that the presentations that have been made to the justice system “are failing when the credits are updated with the CPI (consumer price index).” “There are 105,000 debtors and 95,000 are for loans below $120,000, this is urgently needed,” added the Chaco legislator.

Next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., the senators will receive a group of affected by these mortgage loans and they will also seek to summon the representatives of the banking entities. Then the modifications to the project sent by Deputies will be proposed.

What the project says about UVA credits

The “UVA and UVI Mortgage Loan Debtor Protection Regime” approved by the Lower House establishes that the fee payable may not exceed 30% of the income accredited by the debtors and that, in the credits already granted, the calculation of the 30% will be retroactive to January 1, 2023.

The Senate began debating the Rental Law in committees.

It’s about a coverage system for mortgage debtors by implementing the calculation of balances owed with adjustment using an index updateable by Ripte (wages) instead of them being set based on inflation. In the months that this indicator is above the CPI (the consumer price index), they will always pay the lowest.

In addition, those debtors who are affected by the Income Tax may deduct up to three minimum wages annually. In the proposal approved in Deputies, the possibility of selling their property and existing credit was also enabled.

Another of the fundamental points of the project foresees a one-year suspension of eviction proceedingsreleases, embargoes or any type of preventive or precautionary measures in process on those homes acquired through this type of credit.

Also included is the creation of a Mortgage Compensation and Promotion Trust Fund (FFCPH), from the banking system. In the event that the debtor loses his job, this fund will work as a kind of guarantee that will pay up to three installments.

The entities that bring together the banks, ABA (Association of Banks of Argentina) and Adeba (Association of Argentine Banks) warned that the proposal affects legal security, implies the breaking of contracts and retroactively taxes the operation.

How the discussion continues over the Rental Law

The ruling party had expressed its intention to move forward with the reform of the Rental Law, but this Wednesday it postponed until next week the start of the meetings to listen to the different sectors involved and later issue a proposal that modifies what was approved in Deputies.

Deputies gave half sanction to the project that reforms the Rental Law.Deputies gave half sanction to the project that reforms the Rental Law.

“It is very complicated to deal with the reform of the Rental Law because Kirchnerism was never interested in the topicobjected to it and wants to return to the vices that the current legislation has,” warned Julio Martínez, who also accused the ruling party of “taking skirmishes to try to show that the Senate is working.”

According to what Ricardo Guerra anticipated, the intention is to resume the treatment of the Rental Law between Tuesday and Wednesday to later define its own opinion.

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