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Crisis in Ukraine: cyber attacks on the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces and state banks are denounced

In the midst of the tension with Russia, this Tuesday Ukraine denounced cyber attacks against pages of Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and state banksas confirmed by the Center for Information Security on its official Facebook account.

During the last hours, Privatbank was under a massive DoS (denial of service) attack. There were also failures at the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, or Oschadbank, and the sites of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.

“It is possible that the aggressor has resorted to lesser evil tactics seeing that their aggressive plans do not work,” the Center said in a statement mentioning the entities affected by the cyberattack.

An error message on a Ukrainian computer. Photo file.

Ukraine’s government websites already suffered a massive cyberattack in January, amid heightened tensions with Russia that has massed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.

Kiev said on that occasion that it saw “some signs” of the involvement of hackers associated with Russia in the cyber attack, which affected the work of more than 70 government websites.

rising tension

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that he does not want to go to war in Ukraine, and that Moscow is ready to discuss confidence-building measures with the United States and NATO, especially regarding limits on missile deployment. and the transparency of military exercises.

“Do we want it (a war) or not? Of course not. That is why we present our proposals for a negotiation process,” he told a news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Following talks with Scholz, Putin said the United States and NATO had rejected Moscow’s demand to keep Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries out of NATO, to stop deploying weapons near Russian borders and to withdraw military forces. of the Eastern European alliance.

But they agreed to discuss a series of security measures that Russia had previously proposed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.  AFP source.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. AFP source.

According to the Russian president, the mobilization of more than 100,000 soldiers and the maneuvers in southern Belarus are due to the fact that he is monitoring the situation in Donbass.

Putin demands from Brussels and Washington, in order to loosen the pressure on Ukraine, that NATO renounce integrating Ukraine and Georgia into its fold and that it withdraw troops and material from all the countries east of Germany, including those that are members of the Atlantic Alliance since the late 1990s such as Poland or Romania.

Meanwhile, NATO appears to have other plans. The United States and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom have sent contingents of soldiers to Poland, Romania and Bulgaria in recent weeks.

This disembarkation is temporary due to the tense situation in the region. The presence of NATO troops in that part of Europe is meager. Sources from the Atlantic Alliance calculate that there are 4,000 soldiers in the Baltic countries (British, Canadian and American), in addition to Americans in Poland (4,500), Romania (1,000) and Bulgaria (2,500).

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