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Crack in the City due to the pickets: strong cross between a legislator from Javier Milei and one from the FIT

Last Thursday, a project by the deputy entered the Buenos Aires Legislature Ramiro Mara (Freedom Advances) for “guarantee the right to free movement”. In other words: to regulate pickets. And immediately they went out to cross it from the other ideological path: the also legislator Gabriel Solano, from the Unity Left Front, questioned it in harsh terms.

“The project presented by Ramiro Marra to prohibit popular demonstrations in the City is a proposal of stamp repressive and fascist, contrary to the most basic defense of democratic freedoms,” Solano said in a statement.

One of the most controversial points is the one that usually appears every time rules are presented to regulate the cuts. How is compliance ensured and who will stipulate sanctions? In the Marra project, which headed the list for legislators that led Javier Milei to national deputy, they point out that the Buenos Aires executive power must decide the place where they can demonstrate and then there will be an enforcement authority to define eventual punishments.

Gabriel Solano, legislator of the Left Front in the City. He refuses to regulate the pickets.

consulted by Clarion, Marra ruled out the creation of an autarkic Entity that functions as an application authority and pointed directly to the Executive of CABA: “We have to make it clear to the city government that it has been here for 14 years and does nothing, that they show that they are interested in taking out the pickets.” Solano, for his part, affirmed that “the law does not establish the modality by which the state is going to prevent these demonstrations. It says that the Executive determines how”.

Anyway, the fight today seems more ideological and mediatic. For a project to be approved in the Buenos Aires Legislature, it must have the support of the ruling party of Together for Change, since it has the majority of the votes.

In this sense, both legislators agree on the difficulty for this project to be sanctioned. Marra Chicaneó: “We hope that they show consistency and accompany the project, but I see them more accompanying Kirchner projects than ours.” And Solano analyzed: “I think it is difficult because if this project is approved, Larreta has a problem. You are going to have to start repressing every day, and if you repress every day on the third day you bought yourself a huge political problem.”

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