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Crack 2023 Awards: the figures of esports and the video game industry once again have their gala night

The main actors of the Latin American scene of the esports and the industry at the regional level will have their gala night. The Cracks Awards return this Thursday in their second edition to Usina del Arte to reward players, teams and various actors who promote the gaming beyond Argentina.

Under the organization of Fire Esports and Local Strike, the Crack awards promise to animate a face-to-face event that brings together the majority of electronic sports figures. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will have a multiple transmission through Piso 18, Flow 601 and Telefe esports.

The gala will be divided into 30 categories plus nine special items, unlike the previous one that had 24 categories and 7 special awards. The nominees were chosen by a 60-member jury.

Although the awards have players and teams as protagonists, the rest of the categories are made up of Broadcast of the Year, where the grand final of the Master Flow League 2022, the Latin American League of League of Legends and the Flow FireLeague have been nominated since Barcelona stadium; the League of the Year, In-person Event of the Year, Casters of the Year, Analysts of the Year and more.

Usina del Arte will host the Cracks awards again.

As far as the gaming industry is concerned, brands that are usually present at major events will compete in the Brand Manager, Publisher (publisher of the most popular video games) and Comprehensive Organization of the Year categories.

In the last edition, Sergio “Kun” Agüero and his KRÜ Esports team they devastated 7 statuettes, among which he stood out in the category “Best Owner of Esport Organization”, after the successes obtained in 2021 when he fell in the semifinals of the Valorant World Cup.

Now the focus will be on Leviathan and 9z Teamtwo teams that during 2022 achieved milestones for esports in Argentina with the classification to the CS:GO Majors (Antwerp and Rio de Janeiro) and the Latin American Valorant championship, respectively.

The main nominees for the Cracks 2023

KRÜ Esports, the great winner of the first edition of the Cracks 2023.

KRÜ Esports, the great winner of the first edition of the Cracks 2023.

fifa player: Agustín Wilkins, Matías Bonanno, Yago Fawaz, Nicolas99Fc, Sebaluoni and Valenmzz.

Fighting Game Player: Chocolatefgc (Mortal Kombat), Fgcnicolas (Mortal Kombat), Mkleo T1- (Best Smash Ultimate), Scorpionprocs (Mortal Kombat) and Sparg0 (Best Smash Ultimate).

battle royale player: Ayala (PUBG), Dukez (Fortnite), K1Ng (Fortnite) Potro (PUBG), Snacky (Fortnite) and Szylzen (PUBG).

mobile player: Ayala (PUBG), Bad (Free Fire), Ebudy (Wild Rift), Faq (Free Fire), Kloss (Free Fire) and Tikz (Wild Rift).

rainbow six player: Denike (Malvinas Gaming), Lulii (W7M) W7M Pechito (Furious Gaming), Skillz (Macro Pampas), Soco (Macro Pampas) and Tucu (Macro Pampas).

League of Legends player: Ackerman (Infinity Esports), Buggax (Leviathan), Gavotto (Isurus Gaming), Grell (Isurus Gaming), Josedeodo (Estral Esports) and Seiya (Isurus Gaming).

Counter Strike-Global Offensive player: Dav1D (9z Team), Dgt (9z Team) Khiza (MIBR), Luken (9z Team), Max (9z Team) and Try (00 Nation).

Valorant player: Bstrdd (Team Liquid), Keznit (KRÜ Esports), Kingg (Leviathan), Saadhak (Loud), Shyy (Leviathan) and Tacolilla (Leviathan).

coach of the year: NCH (Furious Gaming, CS:GO), Newcosmo (Leviathan, Wild Rift), Onur (Leviathan, Valorant), Pino (Isurus Gaming, CS:GO), Ukkyr (Isurus Gaming, League of Legends) and Zakk (9z Team , CSGO).

Best team: 9Z, ​​Thunder Awaken, Isurus Gaming, KRÜ Blaze, KRÜ Esports and Leviathan.

Sports Director of the Year: Blasquito (Isurus Gaming), C22azy (Leviatán) Inju (9z Team), Monrrow (Infinity Esports), Nahu (Furious Gaming) and Nyogen (KRÜ Esports).

Owner of esports organization: Fernando Diez (Leviatán), Francisco Postiglione (9z Team), Gonzalo García (Furious Gaming), Facundo Calabró (Isurus Gaming) and Sergio Agüero (KRÜ Esports), Paul Venegas (Infinity Esports).

Esports Organization of the Year: 9z Team, Furious Gaming, Infinity Esports, Isurus Gaming, KRÜ Esports and Leviathan.

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