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Covid-19: All subway lines closed in Shanghai

BEIJING, May 10 (agency)

As part of China’s strict ‘zero-Covid’ strategy, teams wearing protective suits in Shanghai are spraying disinfectants after reaching the homes of people infected with the corona virus, trying to curb the spread of the Omicron form.

The old area, which has shared kitchens and bathrooms, will also spray disinfectant at homes of people using those facilities, Jin Chen, a city official, said on Tuesday.

Regarding concerns about damage to clothing and valuables, Chen said people can tell the disinfectant spraying teams about the items that need to be taken care of. Meanwhile, the Shanghai administration on Tuesday also suspended services on two subway lines that were still in operation. According to ‘The Paper’, this is the first time in the city’s history that all its systems have had to be shut down.

The latest measures come at a time when the Shanghai administration has once again issued orders to residents of some districts to stay in their homes after allowing people to step out for limited shopping over the past few weeks.

The number of new cases reported daily in Shanghai on Monday reached around 3,000, far below the average of 26,000 cases reported daily in mid-April.

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