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Courtois responds to the magazine that ignored him: “They have no idea”

Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid’s Belgian goalkeeper, has assured that despite the advantage that his team has in LaLiga Santander over their pursuers, they face the classic giving it the importance that a big game deserves and assured that “putting 18 points against Barcelona would be a hard blow “.

“It’s an important game for the fans, for us, for the club. It’s the last LaLiga game before a national team break and it’s important to win. By doing so we’ll show that we’re very strong, keeping Sevilla at least 10 points and putting 18 to Barcelona would be a hard blow“, he stated.

For Courtois, although no team in the history of the competition let an advantage of ten points slip away with ten games to go, they must face the match without overconfidence. “We don’t have to relax because we still have a lot of complicated games left and we have to be focused,” he said in an interview on YouTube on Miguel Serrano’s channel.

The Madrid goalkeeper sees Real Madrid at a good time before the classic. “We have shown it after the victory against PSG and we have won a Champions League match in Mallorca. When you return to LaLiga you can always lose a point due to emotion and lower concentration. We won and we want to continue on Sunday”.

And he dedicated good words to his rival, highlighting the change that has starred with Xavi Hernández on the bench. “They are playing very well, they have enough goals. With a new coach, once they pick up their tactics, they have brought in new players and they are there, playing well, winning. It is going to be a tough game. It will not change much compared to the Super Cup. It will be to be a great game. I hope to continue the streak and beat them”.

In addition, he took the opportunity to respond to the magazine Four Four Twowhich left Thibaut off the list of the world’s top ten goalkeepers at present, despite the great season that the Belgian goalkeeper has been doing. “They portray themselves. Those people then have to vote on awards and it’s clear that they have no idea. There are the games I’ve played this season. That’s a problem: I think players, coaches should vote for awards. .. Let people who have an idea debate. More with the goalkeepers. Let Schmeichel, Van der Sar, Casillas debate… it would be better,” he assured in this regard.

Finally, he opened the doors of the club to the arrival of the French Kylian Mbappe. “He is still a PSG player, we will see what can happen. He is a great player and I prefer to have him in my team than against him. He has shown that he is one of the best in the world. I can only say that we have shown what Real is Madrid and we’ll see what happens.”

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