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Courtois: “For my dead, I was going to win a Champions League”

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois He was exultant after winning the first Champions League of his sports career and pointed out that because of his “dead” that he “was going to win a” Champions League after the final in which they knocked out Liverpool (0-1) thanks to his saves and a goal by Vinicius Junior.

“So many years, so much work, coming to the club of my life, yesterday I already said that Madrid wins and it is like that. Many from Liverpool and other people criticizing me but we have shown who is the king of Europe,” Courtois said in statements to Movistar.

“I feel very good this year, I’ve managed the last few weeks well, and once you make the first stop then you’re focused, and I took chances from Mané and Salah. Today nobody could take away my desire to win a Champions League. For my dead that I was going to win one”, added the Belgian.

Asked about his best save this Saturday, Courtois highlighted an action against Salah. “Especially Salah’s, I looked for it very far, and I knew where the ball was going. It’s crazy, I don’t believe it. The referee added five minutes without anything having happened, but hey, we endured,” he said.

At the celebration, Courtois said that “quickly” he has searched for his family. “I looked for my parents, my girlfriend, I’m sorry for my brother who is getting married tomorrow and I can’t be there. On Monday I will be at another civil wedding that he does,” he concluded.

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