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Council of the Magistracy: the Paraná judge who ignores a Supreme Court ruling

The federal judge of Paraná, Daniel Alonsomade room for a precautionary measure requested by Kirchnerism, in an unusual judicial decision and rarely seen in the Judiciary.

In the first place, because the magistrate does not respect a firm ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, which is the highest instance. But there is one thing that stands out. When the lawsuit was filed claiming the unconstitutionality of the law promoted by then-senator Cristina Kirchner in 2006, which reduced the number of members of the Judicial Council from 20 to 13, the court in charge transferred it to the Executive Branch and to Congress. In other words, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies were not only aware of the judicial process and the claims of the plaintiffs, but also extraordinary appeals were filed.

Therefore, it is clearly strange that a deputy like Mario Cassaretto, a member of the lower house, files an appeal for feeling offended by the Court’s decision to declare a law unconstitutional. Although strangest is that a federal judge ruled along the same lines.

But the judge Alonso has links or clear affinities with Kirchnerism. He was a candidate for the Celeste list -related to the ruling party- in the election of judges (he was third on the list) for the Judicial Council in 2014.

Coincidence or not, Alberto Lugones, whom Cristina wants to appoint as president of the Council because he deserves her trust, also represents the Celeste List.

However, there is another fact that sows more suspicions. The government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner sent Alonso’s statement to the Senate for him to be appointed member of the federal Court of Appeals of Rosario. A year and a half ago Alonso has his statement in the Senate waiting for the vice president to approve it, in order to become a chambermaid. But that doesn’t happen.

In the midst of that long wait, the magistrate had to agree to the presentation of an amparo by the cristinista Casaretto.

In the judicial sphere, not only do they not come out of their astonishment at Alonso’s decision, but they also assure that will give rise to complaints against the magistrateby those who consider their attitude as poor performance.

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