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Council of the Magistracy: businessmen and lawyers ask that the Court’s ruling be complied with

Through a joint statement, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (AmCham), the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires and the Institute for Business Development of Argentina (IDEA) demanded that the ruling be complied with. of the Supreme Court on the formation of the Judicial Council.

The agreement to which they refer was issued in December of last year, when the highest court declared the current composition of the Council unconstitutional and put the April 15 as deadline for the sanction of a new norm.

From that moment on, the body that appoints the judges must return to its previous integration with 20 counselors and the president of the High Court – today Horacio Rosatti – at the head of the body.

Although the project presented by the ruling party obtained half sanction in the Senate, it still remains to pass through the Chamber of Deputies, something that will not happen before the deadline set by the Court.

In this context, the dispute between the ruling party and the opposition grows. From the Front of All they refuse to designate the representatives of Congress who should be part of the Council, based on the law passed in 1997 and which will come into force again as of Friday the 15th.

Even a deputy K Marcelo Casaretto presented an injunction that was endorsed by a judge from Paraná, who ordered the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to refrain from appointing new members in the Judicial Council. That strategy was rejected by the opposition.

The uncertainty about what will happen alerts the businessmen and lawyers who signed the statement. “Legal certainty is key to generating trust and attract the necessary investments for the creation of genuine and quality employment that Argentina needs to grow and face the existing inequality”, they pointed out.

And they added: “In this sense, it is important to fully comply with the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of December of last year on the formation of the Judicial Council, taking into account the necessary balance that is mentioned there.

In that sense, they demanded that the Legislature move forward with the election of the councilors. “It seems highly unlikely that Congress will reach the necessary political agreements to pass the new law. For this reason, and given the proximity of the expiration of the term established by the Court, if this situation occurs, the signatory entities ask the National Congress to choose who will be the representatives of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, to join the Council, as provided by Law 24,937, text in accordance with Law 24,939”.

And they concluded: “Complying with the Court’s ruling cannot be under discussion and constitutes a key element for a republican and equitable country. Consolidating balances in spaces such as the Council of the Judiciary implies strengthening institutions, something necessary to think and build from the present, the future of all Argentines”.

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