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Council of the Judiciary: Together for Change wants the head of the Court to preside over it

Through a statement, Together for Change raised its position regarding the reform of the Council of the Judiciary.

In December, the Supreme Court annulled the reform of the Council that Cristina Kirchner had promoted in 2006. The court declared unconstitutional the composition that reduced the number of members of the body from 20 to 13 and asked Congress to enact a new law.

That reform must be approved, by order of the highest court, before April 15. For that, it must go through Congress, where the positions are still far from approaching. Everything indicates that the pro-government project will be discussed during the extraordinary sessions.

“Faced with what was resolved by the Supreme Court of Justice, the existence of a project of the Executive Power, of several different legislators and the inclusion of the issue by the government to be dealt with in the next extraordinary sessionsthe National Board of Together for Change understands it is necessary to establish some fundamental points that must be taken into account at the time of the parliamentary discussion,” says the text released by the opposition leaders.

Statement from Together for Change

They spoke about the reform of the Judicial Council

Among other points, the statement raises a central question of the reform: “The presidency of the Council by the President of the Supreme Court It will facilitate the integration of the body within the scope of the Judiciary, will ease difficulties for the administration and will grant greater predictability to the development of the Council”.

This position clashes with the intention of the Frente de Todos, which maintains a strong dispute with the Court, even more so after the mobilization carried out by sectors of Kirchnerism to remove the judges from the highest court.

“There is no Republic or rule of law without an independent judiciary. The national government has undermined that independence by persistently attacking the courts who do not decide according to their wishes, especially in cases of corruption,” says the Together for Change statement.

And he concludes: “Together for Change will emphatically defend that judges are only subject to the Constitution and the law, for which reason it will promote or accompany those initiatives to reform the Council of the Judiciary that ensure these principles.”

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