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Controversy over The OG App, the application that corrects the most annoying things on Instagram

The excessive amount of ads, reels and suggested content invaded the Meta social network and users are upset.

Due to the changes that Instagram introduced over the years, many users were dissatisfied. For this, OG App try to redirect the social network to its original place: no ads, no reels and no suggested content.

Because the feed is now different from what it was before, many users stopped using the app altogether. But this app could be the solution, at least on Android: Apple removed it from its app store.

The application was created to offer “cleaner” access to various social networks, such as Snapchat or Twitter. However, it currently supports only Instagram.

According to its creators, it allows you to remove ads and suggested content from Instagram, as well as Reels and the page “Explore“. It also gives the possibility of creating personalized feeds where only the content of those people who really interest us will appear.

How The OG App works

OG App, the application that tries to “clean” Instagram. Photo OG App

The app automatically removes ads and suggested posts in your filtered version of the Instagram feed. Additional OG features allow users to enable or deactivate reels and the “Explore” page.

Users can also create different feeds for different needs, similar to Twitter’s list concepts, Tech Crunch wrote. Finally, OG aims to give users more control over your own use of social media. There’s an option to turn off feed updates for 24 hours at a time, which could make it easier for people to walk away from their phones.

“We saw our friends and family being affected by social media and even removing apps because they didn’t have enough options to modify what they see. We wanted to put users, not advertisers, first with this app. We started with Instagram because we think the app has the relationship more toxic with its usersNanda and Patil told Tech Crunch.

Refering to privacy, this can be a problem when downloading third-party programs. OG App says: “We collect limited personal information from you. This information may include your name (or username), telephone numbers and email addresses. We only use this information to allow you to log in to The OG app,” the company explains on its website.

Apple removed The OG App from the App Store

It is no longer on iOS.  AP Photo

It is no longer on iOS. AP Photo

The OG app has been removed from the iOS app store. Until the time of publication of this article, it is still available on the Android Google Play store.

“This app violates our policies and we are taking all appropriate enforcement action,” a Meta spokesperson wrote to Gizmodo in an email. The company also directed Gizmodo to a blog post about “cloned sites.”

Ansh Nanda, one of the creators of the OG app, said that Meta had suspended the personal Instagram and Facebook accounts of all members of the OG team, Gizmodo reported.

“Apple is colluding with Facebook to bully two teens who made Instagram better…Users deserve the right to control what they consume, and OG will continue to defend and fight for that right,” Nanda wrote.


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