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Controversy and rejection of the Foreign Ministry to the visit of Princess Ana, sister of King Carlos III, to the Malvinas Islands

The second daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II led a six-day tour of the archipelago. For the Government the trip was “in exercise of the illegal British occupation”.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry released this Tuesday a release where reject and repudiate the official activities of the Princess Anne in the Falkland Islands. King Carlos III’s sister visited the archipelago days ago where she led a series of tributes on behalf of his brother.

The ministry headed by Santiago Cafiero specified that the visit of the princess “has been carried out in exercise of the British illegal occupation in the Falkland IslandsSouth Georgia, the South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces”.

“The Argentine government once again calls on the United Kingdom to resume sovereignty negotiations in compliance with resolution 2065 and other resolutions of the General Assembly and its Special Committee on Decolonization,” said Foreign Relations.

In turn, they held that “it is time for the United Kingdom to fulfill the mandate of the international community” and, in this sense, “put an end to the anachronistic colonial situation in those archipelagos, which are an integral part of the Argentine Republic.”

The first to release the information that Princess Anne was in the archipelago was Guillermo Carmona, Malvinas secretaryAntarctica and South Atlantic, in a message posted last Sunday on his Twitter account.

“Princess Anneof the British royal house, He arrived in Argentina without warning. wrote the foreign ministry official.

Carmona said that the United Kingdom “violates international law with its colonial presence in Atl. South against the UN resolutions and the world outcry”.

“Maybe that explains the rudeness”He suggested.

In another message, the secretary considered that “it is time for the United Kingdom to comply with Resolution 2065/1965, Resolution 37/9 of November 1982 and the other resolutions of the UNGA and the UN Decolonization Committee.”

“His reluctance affects his reputation and shows a lack of commitment to international law,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the English Royal House announced on November 18 that the princess would lead a six-day visit to the archipelago, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the end of the conflict in the islands.

This Tuesday, while the Argentine National Team faced Saudi Arabia in the World Cup in Qatar, a series of photographs of the princess in the Falkland Islandsas well as details of their activities.

Ana was in the archipelago on an official visit with her husband, Timothy Laurence.

“The Princess Royal has unveiled a plaque to mark that Stanley received City status, as part of the jubilee celebrations de Platino de la Reina”, reported the Royal House on Tuesday.

In addition, they reported that during the visit, the second daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II visited sites of conservation of local flora and fauna and met with residents of the islands.

Days before, he held meetings with the British authorities in the archipelago, with veterans of the war and with students of different levels.


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