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‘Controversial’ back to school: Without textbooks and new subjects? This will be the 2023-2024 school year

Basic education students They will return to the classrooms next Monday, August 28 to start a new school cycle which will be different in some states after the controversy faced by the textbooks of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the implementation of a new curriculum.

After parents and different organizations pointed out that the SEP textbooks have a series of errors, in addition to early education on sexual and reproductive diversity, diverse families and alleged ideological charges, at least six states suspended the distribution of educational material.

Last Monday, August 21, the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) Luis Maria Aguilar, granted a second suspension against the distribution of SEP books in Coahuila, joining entities such as Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Chihuahua and Queretaro.

On the other hand, in Chiapas, the parents of a Tzotzil community burned more than 100 basic education textbooks because they were ‘unsuitable’ for children.

Given these facts, the state authorities indicated that they will implement other materials, and even develop their own for primary school students.

Did the SEP eliminate subjects for the 2023-2024 school year?

For the new school year, preschool, primary and secondary students will face a new study plan, approved in August 2022, in which remove school grades and some subjects are restructured.

The new curriculum of the SEP includes four new training fieldsand the school grades will now be called “learning phases” according to the age of the students.

Subjects such as Spanish, Mathematics, History and Geography, Biology, Chemistry will be included within four training fields established as follows:

  • Idioms: Includes Spanish, English, arts, and even the Mexican Sign Language. This training field aims to teach students to communicate in assertive way.
  • Knowledge and scientific thought: The subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and technologies will be taught. The SEP points out that this field’s objective is for the student to acquire the ability to analyze different conceptions of the world and make decisions about the most appropriate explanation to solve problems.
  • Ethics, Nature and Society: Includes history, civic education and geography and the SEP seeks to cover issues of environmental crisis, cultural relations, gender equality, human rights and values.
  • Of the Human and the Community: The field encompasses physical education, healthy living, and social-emotional.

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