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Congress now eyeing BJP’s urban vote bank

Many Congressmen raised the issue of helping urban voters in front of Rahul Gandhi

Dinesh Bhardwaj

Chandigarh, August 8

After winning the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, the Congress will now focus on its traditional vote bank. The party’s special emphasis will be on the urban voters. The ruling BJP is considered an urban party. The issue of reuniting the urban vote bank with the party was also raised by several leaders in the high level meeting of the Congress held in New Delhi on Monday. The meeting, chaired by Congress President Mallika Arjun Kharge and in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, was called for preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Not only this, many leaders in the meeting also raised the issue that the stairs of power cannot be reached by a particular caste and class. It is said that many leaders also discussed castes in the meeting and said that now the party will have to work hard to connect these castes with them. It was also said that the atmosphere in the state is in favor of the Congress and there is anger among the people towards the ruling BJP. Now if there is collective work then better results can come.

Perhaps, the Congress veterans were already aware of this. That’s why leaders of most of the castes were also invited in the meeting held on Monday. Leaders of most of the castes including Jat, Brahmin, Punjabi, Vaish, Gurjar, Ahir and Scheduled Castes got a chance to participate in the meeting. Leaders of most sections, including Sikhs and Muslims, must have been called in the meeting so that this message could be given in the state that the Congress is taking along the people of 36 communities.

Sources say that in the meeting National General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala said, Vaishya, Punjabi, Brahmin, Gurjar, Rajput and Road etc. fraternities were with the Congress earlier. Work will have to be done to bring these castes together again. Similarly, former speaker Ashok Arora said that the party will have to work to woo the urban voters. After coming together with the voters of the cities, the path of the Congress will become much easier. Former Speaker Kuldeep Sharma insisted on associating the Brahmin vote bank.

Former Deputy CM Chandramohan Bishnoi said, in 2005 when Ch. Bhajanlal was the state president of Congress, then Rao Indrajit Singh, Ch. Most of the leaders including Birendra Singh, Omprakash Jindal, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Kumari Selja had a collective leadership. Due to this, Congress won 67 seats. This time also we have to work with collective leadership only then the party will benefit. Rohtak MLA Bharat Bhushan Batra also stressed on working for the urban voters.

He also raised the issue that there should be a ban on statements made by leaders against the party in media and public forums. Captain Ajay Singh Yadav raised the issue of making a strategy to unite the OBC community. At the same time, SIT MLA Neeraj Sharma talked about taking the migrants along. He said that there is a big vote bank of migrants in the state. This can prove to be politically very beneficial for the Congress. Migrants should get representation.

Hooda supporters praised the pair

A total of 43 leaders of the State Congress were invited in the meeting. Of these, Kumari Selja and Virendra Rathore did not turn up for the meeting. Out of 41 leaders who were present in the meeting, 39 kept their point in front of Rahul Gandhi. The important thing is that except for six-seven leaders, most of the former CM and Leader of Opposition were supporters of Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Many of these mentioned the works and decisions taken for different sections of the society during the previous Hooda government. Some said that State President Ch. The pairing of Udaybhan and CLP leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda has changed the atmosphere in the state. Under the leadership of both, a large number of leaders of other parties have joined the Congress.

The path to power from five Lok Sabha constituencies

Assandh MLA Shamsher Singh Gogi told Rahul Gandhi, I am working with your fourth generation. Got a chance to work with Rajiv Gandhi as well. Rajiv Gandhi used to walk with the thinking of ‘we’, he did not believe in ‘me’. Today’s leaders are saying ‘I’-‘I’, the day they start saying ‘we’, the same day the situation will change. He said that the parliamentary constituencies of Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala and Gurugram and Faridabad are such through which the path to power passes. The one who wins in these parliaments, the government is also formed by him.

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