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Congress expels electronic media coordinator Zeeshan Haider after a crushing defeat in the UP elections

UP Congress’s poor performance in the assembly elections so far


UP Assembly Elections Results 2022: After a crushing defeat in the UP Assembly elections Congress (UP Congress) The blame has started falling in the party. The Congress on Friday expelled the party’s electronic media and Urdu press coordinator Zeeshan Haider (electronic media coordinator Zeeshan Haider). He has been fired for allegedly making objectionable remarks on the party leadership. Shyam Kishor Shukla, member of the disciplinary committee of UP Congress, said, Zeeshan Haider has been relieved of all party responsibilities and posts for six years. Haider Congress General Secretary in a statement after the party’s defeat Priyanka Gandhi Those close to the Congress were held responsible for the poor performance of the Congress. Congress forfeited its deposits in 380 seats out of 403 seats in UP. Two Congress leaders resigned. The party got 6.25 votes and seven seats last time, this time this figure has come down to 2.33 percent votes and two seats.


Congress said in a statement, “It has come to the notice of the disciplinary committee that you have made a statement against the party leadership on social media and in newspapers, which is going to tarnish the image of the party.” Your statement is the indiscipline of the party. Haider, on the other hand, claimed that he had not said anything against Priyanka Gandhi, but had said that a handful of people belonging to Jawaharlal Nehru University were misleading him and selling tickets. He said that if it is a crime to keep the truth in front, then he will continue to do it.

Haider told PTI, these people do nothing at the grassroots level and all the leaders who have recently left the party – they have blamed Priyanka Gandhi’s personal associates and other close friends for this. Haider said, 30 former MPs, MLAs and other leaders have left the party in the recent past and all have given similar reasons for leaving the party. Priyanka Gandhi herself knows that it is because of such people that the party has suffered.

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