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Complementary health: from simple to triple

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The Assurland comparator expects average increases of 3% in 2023 in complementary health insurance. However, with geographical disparities.

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Health has an additional cost.

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Vaging of the population, more expensive medical technologies, salary inflation… the cost of healthcare and, by extension, the prices of supplementary health insurance are soaring. The comparator Assurland expects average increases of 3% in 2023. These general increases nevertheless mask very different prices depending on the organization, customer profile and region. “For the same level of formula, prices vary from €22.50 per month to €64.50”, note the experts of Assurland, one of whose comparative studies relates to 25,000 tariff proposals formulated in 2022.

The differences are primarily due to geographical location. But the most expensive region for one category of insured is not necessarily so for another. Example: if the withdrawals…

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