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Colors of body and mind –

In the era of modernity, urbanization has deeply influenced our life-behavior. On the one hand, we are constantly becoming mechanical in the hustle and bustle of life, while on the other hand, we are moving away from normal social behavior. The general belief among people has strengthened that if there is money then everything is possible. Actually, our simple behavior is directly related to our health. If our thinking is positive then we remain healthy. Doctors also believe that positivity releases healthy hormones in our life. Holi is one such festival which acts as a safety wall for the society. This festival works to break the monotony of mechanical life. We paint each other by erasing the differences between rich and poor, high and low and officers and employees. Forgetting the identity of Hindu and Muslim, they embrace each other. The effect of colors frees us from personal identity. This whole environment gives us a sense of ease and simplicity. In fact, modern lifestyle and urbanization have had a deep impact on our festivals. Festivals work to convey our culture to the new generation. It is a different matter that festivals also did not remain the same as in their original form due to market interference. But it is certain that this festival bears the imprint of cultural diversity and geography in different states of the country and the public has added new colors to it with local cultural beliefs.

We feel the fragrance of Phagun in the entire atmosphere on the day of Holi. Nature is also at its peak. Plants and trees laden with flowers all around increase the significance of the festival manifold and give peace to our mind. The effect of Holi colors on him makes his body and mind happy. There is a infusion of new freshness and energy in every person. Farewell to winter and arrival of summer fills our lives with new enthusiasm. This environment breaks the monotony of our life. The excess of joy of Holi makes us light. We are able to get out of the artificial circle created by us. In fact, in our personal lives we have covered ourselves with so many artificialities that we are unable to behave naturally. Holi gives us an opportunity to be free from this artificial behavior for some time and be comfortable. Makes us aware of man and humanity. We can realize ourselves as a person. But the hustle and bustle of urban life does not give us this opportunity. Undoubtedly, pride like wealth, position and influence do not allow us to be simple as a person. This festival gives us an opportunity to forget our colors and become colorful. Many medical researches have come to the conclusion that by clearing the mind, the blood pressure of a person becomes normal and the person feels happy. This season also frees us from psychosomatic diseases by giving us an opportunity to communicate with humans and nature.

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