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CM gave a beautiful mantra to the youth for success –

Chandigarh, 14 November (Trinew)

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar directly interacted with the youth of the state and gave them the message of moving forward in a positive direction in life and becoming successful. He said that the youth should believe in themselves and maintain positivity. Whatever opportunities you get in life, take advantage of them and contribute significantly to the upliftment of your family, society and nation. This is the true purpose of life. The Chief Minister was interacting directly with the youth in the age group of 24 to 25 years through audio conferencing under the CM’s special discussion program in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

During the dialogue, the Chief Minister gave a 20-point mantra to the youth to be successful in life. He said, in this age group, many types of thoughts arise in the mind, hence before doing anything in life, definitely think in the mind. Everyone faces one word in life, that is difficulty. We have to believe that difficulty is nothing but we should consider it as a challenge and face it, only then we get success. There will be obstacles in life, but we will have to overcome those obstacles and move forward.

At this age, the mind starts going towards wrong paths like drug addiction, criminal association, directionlessness, violence etc., this has to be avoided. We have to move away from these paths and develop a strong personality. While keeping yourself safe, you also have to inspire others in a positive direction. Not only this, the weaker sections of the society also have to be protected. He told the youth, we should not copy others. Different genes and upbringing make us unique. We should become best in the work in which we are good. With this we should learn teamwork.

CM said, we will be able to take full advantage of our skills only when we have people-skills. Many people have to work together even for small tasks. The Chief Minister said that our thinking should be positive. There should be enthusiasm in the heart and enthusiasm in the mind. There should be a desire to achieve something in life. If you get frustrated and think negatively, no good will ever happen. For positive thinking in life, it is important that we do yoga and exercise regularly, maintain good habits and keep learning new things. Travel to new places, meet new people. Every new experience will strengthen our confidence in ourselves and we will be able to face challenges with determination.

work to build society

The Chief Minister told the youth regarding the use and caution of social media that today social media has become very useful. Mischievous people have also started using it to spread chaos. We have to avoid their deception. We should not deviate from the path. Your destiny is in your hands. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate in taking risks. Be grateful to those who spend their time, resources and influence for you. Instead of calling new ideas good or bad, try to make them effective.

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