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Clothes out! Deputy proposes to make the largest nudist beach in the world in Sinaloa

The local deputy of Morena for Sinaloa, Serapio Vargas Ramírez, proposed using an area of ​​the port of Altata, in the municipality of Navolato, to make the largest nudist beach in the world, in order to attract a large number of foreign tourists.

Vargas explained that the area that he proposes to use is a beach that goes from Barra de Tonina to Punta de Yameto, which would mean an extension of at least 30 kilometers. The geographic area that he proposes for the project exceeds the extension of the current most famous nudist beach in Mexico, Zipolite in Oaxaca.

The legislator clarified that this initiative is not being proposed in order to incur in breaches of morality and that the space becomes a mess, but what it seeks is to make Sinaloa become a high-level tourist alternative.

He also assured that in order to carry out his bill, a reform to the Municipal Police and Good Government in Navolato would be necessary, in order to prevent people from incurring administrative sanctions by enjoying walking without clothes.

The deputy proposed that this nudist area could be called the “Beach of the bichis”, this last word being a completely Sinaloan idiom that refers to when someone is naked. Vargas explained that it is an area that is relatively virgin and that this project could attract large cruise ships to the area.

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