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Chinese virus enters US military network, can control operations during war

According to the New York Times report, the Biden government fears that this code of China could be in the network of their military bases not only in America, but around the world. According to American media reports, it is actually a malware computer virus, which has been fitted into the systems of military, intelligence and national security. An American official said that having China’s code in the military’s network is like a ‘time bomb’. They say that this will affect not only the operation of the army, but also the houses and businesses that are connected to the infrastructure of the army.

According to the American official, the deployment of the US Army, supplies may be delayed through this Chinese virus. Because they can affect the communication line, due to which important information will not be available on time. Along with this, the supply of electricity and water can also stop.

The White House issued a statement in this matter on Friday. However, there was no mention of China in it. National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge had said- ‘The government is doing its best to save America’s important infrastructure rail, water system, aviation without stopping.’

America’s telecommunication system has such a virus, it was clearly understood in May this year. In May, Microsoft found a suspected virus in the ‘telecommunication system’ of a huge US airbase located on the Pacific island of Guam. In the investigation, it was found that this virus has been in the system for a long time and is more spread. However, to what extent all the systems have been compromised in hiding this virus, it has not been clear. According to the American media, important meetings are being held on this whole matter. Important information is being given to members of the US Congress, some governors and companies related to facilities.

There is already a lot of tension in the relationship between America and China regarding the allegations of espionage. Earlier, Chinese balloons were seen in US airspace, which were shot down by the US Army. But experts believe that this time the matter is different. This is not a matter of gathering intelligence, but of interference in army activity and it is considered dangerous.

There is also a discussion on whether the matter is about preparations for an attack on Taiwan. If this is the case, then certainly the delay in US military action and aid will go in favor of China. In the recent past, US President Joe Biden has said many times that America will provide military assistance to Taiwan if needed. Even after all this information, it is not clear how deadly this virus can be.

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