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Chinese President Xi Jinping has serious brain disease ‘Cerebral Aneurysm’: Report

There is speculation again about the health of Xi Jinping. (symbolic picture)


Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from a disease called ‘cerebral aneurysm’ and at the end of 2021 he had to be hospitalized due to this. Such reports have come from quoting media reports. Cerebral Aneurysm or Brain Aneurysm is such a disease of the brain, in which the blood vessels or arteries of the brain start to swell, and blood gets filled in it. These vessels become like bulges or round balloons and there is a danger of them bursting. Where these spots are formed in the arteries, the arteries become weak and there is a fear of them bursting.


It turns out that they preferred traditional Chinese medicine for treatment rather than surgery, which softens the arteries and weakens the aneurysm. Let us tell you that for some time there is a lot of speculation about the health of the Chinese President. Especially, also because he had avoided meeting any foreign leader until the Beijing Winter Olympics after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In early March 2019, during Xi’s visit to Italy, there was a slight variation in his gait, it was noticed that he was walking with a slight limp while walking. At the same time, in the second leg of the same journey, it was seen in France that he was taking support while sitting. After this, after his presence in a public meeting in Shenzhen in October, 2020, speculations started again about his ill health. Jinping had arrived late in this meeting, was giving a very slow speech, while he was coughing continuously.

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These news are coming when China’s economy is being affected due to the strictest zero covid policy, while Ukraine is suffering the brunt of rising oil and gas prices and supply chain disruptions due to the crisis.

Xi Jinping is trying to make history by coming to power for the third time. This year, where he is preparing to come to power for the third time in five years, and wants to show that under his rule China has become more prosperous, influential and stable.

Meanwhile, his government has temporarily suspended its focus on concepts like ‘same prosperity’. Stop imposing fines on giant tech companies. And struggling to somehow stabilize the economy under pressure. According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party is slowly moving away from the ‘Equal Prosperity’ policy with a strategy ahead of the upcoming 20th Party Congress. Actually, China does not want to lose its luster among investors amid this slow economic growth.

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