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China waging ‘border war’ with India: US lawmaker Cornyn

US lawmaker John Cornyn has said that China is waging a “border war” with India. (file photo)

Washington :

A top US lawmaker has said that China While waging a “border war” with India, it is also posing a serious threat to its neighbours. Republican Party MP John Cornyn shared the details of his trip to India and Southeast Asia, saying this before the US Parliament. The purpose of this visit was to collect the right information about the challenges before the countries of that region. Parliamentarian John Cornyn and his aides visited India and Southeast Asia to get a firsthand view of the challenges posed by China and have recently returned from the trip. Cornyn is also the co-chairman of the ‘India Caucus’.


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Cornyn told lawmakers on Tuesday, “The biggest and most serious threat is to the countries that are close to the border with China.” This week I had the opportunity to lead a congressional delegation to Southeast Asia. China is threatening the freedom of navigation in international waters, as well as being guilty of gross violations of the human rights of its people, especially the minority Muslim community of Uighurs. He is waging a border war with India and at the same time he is threatening to attack the Republic of China which is known as Taiwan.

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Cornyn said he traveled to India to “meet with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and Cabinet officials to discuss the threats posed by China and other shared priorities.” The US lawmaker said during the visit. An important issue of discussion was related to the possibility of China’s attack on Taiwan.

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