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China sticks to ‘zero Covid’ policy amid rising cases of corona virus infection

China will continue to follow its “Zero Covid” policy to prevent the corona virus.


China on Friday refused to relax its “zero Covid” policy, which has banned international travel and is facing much criticism. Despite the lockdown in many cities of the country, this decision was taken in view of the rapid increase in new cases of corona virus infection. Wang Hesheng, deputy minister of the National Health Commission and administrator of the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration, told the media that China will continue to follow its “zero Covid” policy to prevent the current spread of corona virus infection.


The official media quoted him here as saying that the ‘zero case policy’ aims to control the pandemic in the shortest possible time so that the society has to pay the minimum price. He said this approach is aimed at rapid response and targeted prevention and control. China is taking intensive and targeted covid prevention and control measures to prevent infection due to the new wave of Omicron form. Under this policy, China has imposed strict restrictions on international travel, due to which several lakh international students have been affected. Due to this policy, more than 23,000 Indian students have also been stuck at home.

It is noteworthy that China is facing the highest increase in the case of Covid in recent weeks, while the rest of the world has registered a sharp decrease in cases. The National Health Commission said on Friday that 4,292 new cases of Covid were reported in China on Thursday. At the same time, the number of patients under treatment of Covid is currently 16,974. So far, 4,636 people have died due to the Pandemic in the country since the corona virus first surfaced in Wuhan city of China about two years ago.

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