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China provokes Canada, forces aircraft deployed on North Korea’s mission to change course

Canada: Unprofessional behavior of pilots of China’s Airforce (symbolic photo)

Canada the army of China But it is alleged that the pilots of his Air Force are unprofessional, their behavior in the International Airspace is dangerous. North Korea Feather United Nations A Canadian aircraft was stationed in Japan in an international effort to push for the implementation of UN Sanctions. North Korea is facing international sanctions due to its nuclear program and ballistic missile program. The Canadian Armed Forces said on Wednesday that the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, or China’s Air Force, “did not comply with international air safety regulations on several occasions.”


It further states that, “The Chinese Air Force behaved unprofessionally and put the Royal Canadian Air Force personnel in danger. On some occasions, Canadian crew had to change their flight in a hurry to avoid the aircraft passing their way.” Don’t have a possible encounter with them.”

Several times, Chinese planes tried to push Canadian planes out of their flight path and flew so close that their “crew was clearly visible.”

This issue was also raised through diplomatic route

On behalf of Canada, it has been said that during the mission of UN sanctions in international airspace, such incidents are increasing with China. This issue has also been raised through diplomatic channels.”

The US intelligence service says that North Korea is preparing to conduct its first nuclear test since 2017. The US also tried to get a vote on Thursday in the United Nations Security Council to further tighten sanctions on North Korea. Earlier, North Korea had fired several rockets one after the other. These included an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The US has said the test was a unanimous vote in 2017 in violation of sanctions imposed on North Korea and warned North Korea against testing long-range missiles or nuclear weapons.

But China is the main partner of North Korea after Russia. Russia’s relations with the West have deteriorated rapidly over Ukraine. Both China and Russia vetoed the new resolution against North Korea, saying it would escalate tensions. Significantly, in June 2019, two Canadian Navy ships were surrounded by Chinese fighter planes and other ships while traveling in the East China Sea.

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