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China asks citizens to store food in the face of a new coronavirus outbreak

Faced with the possibility that a new coronavirus outbreak will force China to reimpose restrictions, the authorities called on citizens to store food and other essential products.

With new cases of Covid-19 detected in several cities in the north of the country, which triggered the alarms, a
Notice published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce invites “households to store a certain amount of basic necessities to meet daily needs and emergencies.”

The message does not detail the reason for this call or if the country is threatened by food shortages.

The authorities also asked businesses and supply chains to expedite the supply of food, agricultural production is facilitated, meat and vegetable stocks are monitored and the prices of agricultural products are maintained.

A nurse takes a sample from a boy for a coronavirus test, this Monday in Ganzhou, China. Photo: AFP

Rush shopping

“This afternoon there are a little more people than usual,” says a cashier at a supermarket in eastern Beijing, but not as much. Not everyone is aware of the announcement posted on the website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Those who did find out, do not get to understand the reasons very well, since the government did not give more details.

Hence this client’s question: “Is it because of the pandemic? We don’t know, but I’m not worried. Last year there were more cases and the shelves were never empty. The government guarantees the supply,” he says.

The Pandemic outbreak is still limited, but the authorities have followed a “zero Covid” strategy since the beginning of the pandemic, as the country prepares for the Winter Olympics to be held there in less than 100 days.

This 35-year-old executive arrives with a box of instant noodles: “I buy a little more than usual. Is it because of the pandemic or because of Taiwan. Maybe both? But I’m not worried. We live in Beijing, the war will not get here. I’m just taking a few more things, that’s all, “he says.

Lines at a supermarket in Beijing on Tuesday.  Photo: EFE

Lines at a supermarket in Beijing on Tuesday. Photo: EFE

Conflict with Taiwan

Some reservations should the Taiwan war break out. For lack of explanations, the call of the Ministry of Commerce on Monday was interpreted in a thousand ways.

According to the statement of the Council of State this Tuesday morning, it is about ensuring the supply, contain inflation and avoid waste, before the arrival of winter.

At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in China in early 2020, supply chains were disrupted by the application of quarantines in many parts of the country and the blocking of many routes.

Worrying regrowth

One of the spokesmen for the National Health Commission, Mi Feng, described the situation as “serious and complex”, with a “high proportion of serious cases” among patients diagnosed with Covid-19.

According to Mi, the situation is developing “rapidly” and is especially affecting people over 60 years of age.

Near the Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022, the government wants to prevent an expansion of the Pandemic and took radical measures after the appearance of sporadic outbreaks in the north of the country.

At least 6 million people were confined, especially in the city of Lanzhou, 1,700 kilometers west of Beijing.

The number of cases is very low compared to other countries: 71 new infections this Tuesday and 92 on Monday, the highest value since mid-September.

In addition to sanitary restrictions, China was hit in the summer by heavy floods that hit agricultural production and pushed prices up.

Source: AFP and RFI



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